‘Fable’ – Textual Questions and Answers, Class X, WBBSE

Comprehension Exercises

  1. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

a)The quarrel was between the mountain and the –

i)rabbit [ ]

ii)rat [ ]

iii)cat [ ]

iv)squirrel [ ✔ ]

b)Bun has no doubt that the mountain is –

i)small [ ]

ii)big [ ✔ ]

ii)noble [ ]

iv)kind [ ]

b)Unlike a mountain, a squirrel can crack a –

i)nut [ ✔ ]

ii)joke [ ]

iii)stone [ ]

iv)lock [ ]

2. State whether the following statements are True of False. Provide sentences/phrases/words in support of your answer:

a)The mountain called the squirrel “Little Bun”. [False]

Supporting Statement: And the former called the latter ‘Little Prig’.

b)The squirrel is more spry than the mountain.  [True]

Supporting Statement:  The Squirrel said, “You are not so small as I,/And not half so spry.”

c)The mountain can carry forests on its back.      [True]

Supporting Statement: The squirrel said, “If I cannot carry forests on my back’/Neither can you crack a nut.”

3. Answer the following questions:

a)Who had a quarrel with the squirrel?

Ans. The mountain had a quarrel with the squirrel.

b)What is not a disgrace to the squirrel?

Ans. According to the squirrel, to occupy one’s own place is not a disgrace.

c)What is it that the squirrel doesn’t deny?

Ans. The squirrel does not deny that the mountain makes a very pretty track for the squirrels.

Grammar in use

4. Replace the underlined words with suitable phrasal verbs from the list given below. Change the form of verbs where necessary. There is an extra phrasal verb in the list:

a)Rabi met his friend in the park.

Ans. Rabi came across his friend in the park.

b)Tanushree cannot tolerate cruel behaviour to animals.

Ans. Tanushree cannot put up with cruel behaviour to animals.

c)His proposal was rejected.

Ans. His proposal was turned down.

         [List: turn down, come over, put up with, come across]

Read more about: Phrasal Verb or Group Verb for Madhyamik Students, WBBSE

5. Change the voice of the following sentences:

a)Lock the door.

Ans. Let the door be closed.

b)Ashim knows the solution to this problem.

Ans. The solution to this problem is known to Ashim.

c)I had written a letter.

Ans. A letter had been written by me.

Writing activities

6. Write a letter to your friend(within 100 words) advising her/him to visit the public library in her/his locality as frequently as possible.

Click Here for the Answer

10. Write a paragraph(within 100 words) on the benefits of early morning exercises using the following points:

[good for health – fresh air – keeps one active throughout the day]

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