A page of the diary on the new place of residence

Suppose you recently had to change your place of residence. Write a page in your diary about the experience of shifting from a familiar neighbourhood to a new place.


Year 2016                                       11th August Thursday

Nowadays I am not feeling well. We have recently changed our dwelling place. The new place of residence is unfamiliar to me. I feel bored. All the neighbours are unknown to me. At school, the students are all strangers. I am hopeful to find new friends within a few days. I have confined myself to the room. I am passing my time reading storybooks, listening to music and watching out of the window.

It is nearly midnight now but still, I am hearing the noise of vehicles, the murmuring of people in the streets and the cluttering of shutters of the closing shops. But in my village, it is all silent, only the cricket’s call and the owl’s call. Oh! I miss my home.

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