Dialogue: Between Two Birds

write an imaginary dialogue in about 80 words between two birds in winter. One is flying away to a warm country and the other is stuck in a cold land.


          Dialogue: Between Two Birds

Swallow: Hi! Friend, how are you?

Thrush: I am so so and you.

Swallow: I am very excited now.

Thrush: Oh! Great.

Swallow:  within a few days, I am going to fly away to Arab. It is a warm country.

Thrush:  That’s great.

Swallow:  You must come with us.

Thrush:  No. I have to spend the winter here.

Swallow:   Why?

Thrush:   I have two little in-born babies. They cannot fly and I will not bring them out of the nest in this chilly winter.

Swallow: You are right. They will not tolerate the bitter cold.

Thrush: Correct.

Swallow: So, what you will do then?

Thrush: I must stay here with my little children.

Swallow: Ah! I am sorry!

Thrush: Okay, never mind. God will save us—best of luck for your journey.

Swallow: Thank you.