Macbeth – questions and answers(S.A.Q.), Class 11, WBCHSE

[Multiple choice question can easily covered with the following questions and answers]

1)Who was the king of Scotland?

Ans. Duncan.

2)Why was Macbeth held in great esteem throughout Scotland?

Ans. For his great valour and skill in wars.

3)Who was the thane of Glamis?

Ans. Macbeth.

4)Who stopped Macbeth and Banquo while they were returning from the battlefield victoriously?

Ans. Three witches.

5)How did the witches look like?

Ans. Unearthly creatures, had beards, withered skin, wild dresses.

6) Who saluted Macbeth as the thane of Glamis?

Ans. The first witch.

7)Who greeted Macbeth as the thane of Cawdor?

Ans. The second witch.

8)Who predicted that Macbeth will be the king of Scotland?

Ans. The third witch.

9)What did the witches tell to Banquo?

Ans. His successors would be the kings.

10)What was the effect of the prophesy on Macbeth?

Ans. Entirely changed the course of Macbeth’s life.

11)What was the nature of Lady Macbeth?

Ans. Evil-minded and extremely ambitious woman.

12)Who tried to convince Macbeth that the murder of Duncan was a necessary step to the fulfillment of the prophecy?

Ans. Lady Macbeth.

13)What was the name of Macbeth’s castle?

Ans. Inverness.

14)Who came as a guest to the castle of Macbeth?

Ans. King Duncan.

15)Who came with Duncan to the castle of Macbeth?

Ans. His two sons , thanes and numerous attendance.

16)Who was ‘too full of the milk of human kindness to murder the king’ according to lady Macbeth?

Ans. Macbeth

17)Why did Lady Macbeth awake in the middle of the night?

Ans. To plot the murder of the king.

18)Who went to the king’s chamber with a dagger?

Ans. Lady Macbeth.

19)Why did Lady Macbeth fail to kill Duncan?

Ans. As the king resembled her father.

20) Why did Macbeth hesitate to murder the king?

Ans. He was a subject and close relative to the king.

21)Who accused Macbeth of cowardice and fickleness?

Ans. Lady Macbeth.

22)What did Macbeth visualize when he was advancing towards the king’s bed chamber?

Ans. A dagger hanging in the air.

23)Why did lady Macbeth stain the cheeks of the grooms with blood?

Ans. In order to make it seem their groom.

24)Who took refuge in the English court immediately after the murder of the king?

Ans. Malcolm, the elder son of King Duncan.

25)Who fled to Ireland immediately after the death of the king?

Ans. Donalbain, the younger son on of King Duncan

26) Who committed the regicide?

Ans. Macbeth.

27)Who was crowned as the king of Scotland after the death of Duncan?

Ans. Macbeth.

28) Why did Macbeth plan to kill Banquo and his son?

Ans. To nullify the prediction of the witches.

29)What was the name of the Banquo’s son?

Ans. Fleance.

30) Why did Macbeth appoint hired assassins?

Ans.  To murder Banquo and Fleance?

31)Who managed to escape from the assassins?

Ans. Fleance.

32)What did Macbeth see in the banquet?

Ans. The ghost of Banquo.

33)Where did Banquo’s ghost  sit?

Ans. On his reserved seat.

34)Why did Lady Macbeth dismiss the guests from the banquet?

Ans. Fearing the dreadful secret would be disclosed.

35)Where did Macbeth find the witches?

Ans. Near the heath.

36)What were the witches doing?

Ans. Cooking things for charms in a huge cauldron.

37) Who appeared before Macbeth like an armed head?

Ans. The first spirit.

38)What did the first spirit tell Macbeth?

Ans. Beware of the thane of Fife.

39) Who appeared before Macbeth like a bloody child?

Ans. The second spirit.

40)What did the second spirit tell Macbeth?

Ans. To have no fear from a man who was naturally born of a woman’s womb.

41)Who appeared before Macbeth like a crowned child with a tree in his hand?

Ans. The third spirit.

42)What did the third spirit tell Macbeth?

Ans. He would never be vanquished until the Birnam woods would move towards Dunsinane.

43)Who was the thane of Fife?

Ans. Macduff.

44)Who killed Macduff’s wife and children?

Ans. Macbeth.

45)Why did Macduff flee to England?

Ans. To join the army under Malcolm.

46)Who was the sole partner in the wickedness of Macbeth?

Ans. Lady Macbeth.

47)Why did Lady Macbeth commit suicide?

Ans. She was unable to bear the remorse of guilt and public hatred.

48)Who informed Macbeth that the Birnam woods was moving towards the castle?

Ans. A messenger.

49)Who instructed the soldiers to cut a branch and bear it before them?

Ans. Macduff.

50)Why did Macbeth lose confidence?

Ans. To know that Macduff was untimely taken out from his mother’s womb.

51)Who severed Macbeth’s head?

Ans. Macduff.

52)To whom did Macduff present the head of Macbeth?

Ans. To Malcolm, the young and lawful king.

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