‘Tales From Shakespeare’ – M.C.Q. from The previous year Annual Exams, Class 11, WBCHSE

            Comedy of Errors (M.C.Q.)

1)Aegeon was the merchant of –

           a)Ephesus                               b)Syracuse

          c)Arden                                    d)Menaphon     [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [b] Syracuse

2)Aegeon was separated from his wife because –

         a)they met with a sand storm 

         b)they met with a violent storm on the sea.

         b)they got lost in the jungle    

         c)they were lost in the fair                                 [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [b] they met with a violent storm on the sea.

3)As ransom of his life Aegeon was demanded of –

         a)one hundred marks  b)one thousands marks

        c)all his belongings     d)five thousands marks   [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [b] one thousands marks.

4)The Elder Antipholus lived in Ephesus for –

        a)twenty years                b)eighteen years  

         c)five years                     d)two years        [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [a] twenty years.

5)Antipholus Younger was a –

          a)Duke                             b)Merchant

          c)Soldier                           d)Fisherman       [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [b] Merchant.

6)The Elder Dromio’s wife was –

           a)Poor                                      b)Rich

          c)Dowsabel                              d)Dolores    [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [c] Dowsabel

7) “I am like a drop of water in the ocean.” – who said this?

         a)Elder Antipholus                  b)Antipholus Younger

         c)Elder Dromi                           d)Dromio Younger    [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans. [b] Antipholus Younger

8) ‘The  Comedy of Errors’ is set in the city of –

         a)Illyria                                               b)Syracuse

        c)Ephesus                                            d)Corinth   [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [c] Ephesus

9)The fisherman who rescued Aegeon’s wife and children from the storm were from –

        a)Greece                                                  b)France 

        c)Corinth                                                 d)Spain   [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [c] Corinth

10)Aegeon came to Ephesus because he was –

        a)searching his sons                b)lost 

        c)searching his wife  d)searching his younger son   [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [d] searching his younger son.

11)Antipholus of Syracuse married –

        a)Adriana                                                 b) Luciana  

        c)daughter of the Duke Menaphon    d)none of them    [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [a] Adriana

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                                        As You Like It (M.C.Q.)

1)The daughter of the banished Duke was –

           a)Celia                               b)Viola

           d)Aliena                            d)Rosalind       [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [d] Rosalind

2)Rosalind disguised herself as a male and called herself as –

          a)Aliena                          b)Sir Rowland de Boys

         c)Fredrick                       d)Ganymede    [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [d] Ganymede

3)Rosalind and Celia went to the Forest of Arden –

           a)in a carriage          b)in disguise

           c)with an army         d)on horseback [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [b] in disguise.

4)Orlando was the young son of –

          a)Adam                             b)Sir Rowland de Boys

          c)Fredrick                         d)Ferdinand      [Annual Exam – 2015]

Ans. [b]Sir Rowland de Boys.

5)The sharp teeth of the cold wind in winter is nothing, according to the Duke senior, compared to man’s –

         a)love                                     b)jealousy

          c)unkind and ingratitude  d)happiness  [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [c] unkind and ingratitude.

6)Oliver married –

         a)Alice                     b)Celia  

         c)Rose                     d)Rosalind     [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [b] Celia.

7)Who accompanied Orlando when he escaped?

         a)Oliver                   b)Fredrick 

          c)Adam                  d)Rosalind     [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans. [c] Adam.

8)As Duke Fredrick entered the forest he met a –

         a)dacoit                        b)fairy

         c)hermit                       d)clown      [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans. [c] hermit

9)When Rosalind came to know that Orlando was the son of her father’s friend, she gave him –

         a)a gold ring            b)a gold coin  

          c)a gold chain      d)a gold earring    [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [c] agold chain

10)Oliver planned to murder Orlando after he won the wrestling match –

            a)by burning him alive when he slept

            b)by sprinkling poisonous juice on his cloths

           c)by giving him poisonous food

           d)by hiring assassin to kill him      [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [a] by burning him alive when he slept.

11)Sir Rowland De Boys was a trusted friend of  –

         a)Fredrisk                     b)the lawful Duke

         c)Adam                         d)Rosalond [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [b] the lawful Duke.

12)When Duke Fredrick banished Rosalind, Celia –

            a)felt very grief stricken  

            b)was undoubtedly happy

            c)approved her father’s decision 

             d)turned rebellion                          [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [d] turned rebellion

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                                      Macbeth (M.C.Q.)

1)Duncan was the king of –

           a)Ireland                       b)England  

          c)Scotland                      d)France      [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [a] Scotland

2)Lady Macbeth could not kill Duncan because –

                a)Duncan resembled her father

                b)Macbeth did not allow her.

               c)there were guards sitting at the door

               d)she was weak and irresolute        [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [a] Duncan resembled her father.

3)Malcolm and Dolanbain were the sons of –

           a)Macduff                       b)Banquo

          c)the thane of Cawdor  d)Duncan    [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans [b] Duncan  

4)The witches looked like –

           a)charming ladies       b)mad creatures  

           c)unearthly creature   d)queens    [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [c]unearthly creatures

5)Macduff was the Thane of   –

            a)Cawdor                          b)Ross 

           c)Fife                                  c)Glamis           [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [c] Fife

6)The three unearthly creatures that met with Macbeth and Banquo were singing –

           a)Heave ho!   

           b)Fair is foul, and foul is fair

           c)Hey and a ho and a hey nonnino

           d)A vaunt                                                    [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [b] Fair is foul and foul is fair

7)Macbeth was saluted as the ‘Thane of Glamis’ by –

          a)Banquo                    b) the first witch  

          c)the second witch   d)the third witch    [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans. [b] the first witch 

8)The name of Macbeth’s castle was –

          a)Dunsinan                   b)Inverness 

          c)Invernes                        d)Birnam          [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans. [b] Inverness

9)Macbeth was killed by –

         a)Malcolm                 b)Donalbain 

          c)Macduff                  d)Banquo         [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans. [c] Macduff

10)The first of the three witches saluted Macbeth with the title of –

          a)Thane of Glamis    b)Thane of Cawdor 

          c)King of Scotland    d)Great General       [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [a]Thane of Glamis.

11) “Lesser than Macbeth and greater.” The man who was talked about is –

          a)Macduff’s father            b)an Irish general 

          c)Malcolm’s father           d)Banquo  [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [d)Banquo 

12)Donalnain fled to –

         a)England                         b)Scotland

         c)Ireland                           d)France         [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [c] Ireland.

13)The third spirit looked at Mcbeth as –

          a)as armed head               b)a crowned child 

          c)eight shadows of kings d)a bloody child  [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [b]a crowned child

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                                    Othello (M.C.Q.)

1)Othello was highly esteemed and revered because –

          a)he was dark in complexion  

          b)he was a valiant soldier

         c)he could tell wonderful stories

          d)he married Desdemona                          [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [b] he was a valiant soldier.

2)Desdemona was the daughter of –

         a)Iago                 b)Cassio  

           c)Brabantio     d)The Duke of Venice    [Annual Exam – 2014, 2020]

Ans. [c] Brabantio

3)Othello had promised to Cassio to the rank of –

           a)General            b)Duke 

          d)Lieutenant       d)Senator     [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans.[c] Lieutenant  

4)The Turks had prepared to invade –

          a)Cyprus                b)Africa  

          c)France               d)Venice      [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [a] Cyprus  

5)In describing Othello’s restlessness the drugs that Shakespeare mentions as failing to bring him peace –

          a)Hasish and poppy  

          b)Poppy and Mandragora  

         c)Hemp and Nightshade  

         d)Hemlock and Poppy                      [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [b] Poppy and Mandragora  

6)Iago was –

          a)good at heart                b)learned  

          c)very religious                d)crafty   [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [d] crafty

7)Othello accused Desdemona of being –

         a)jealous                             b)selfish  

         c)suspicious                        d)unfaithful    [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans. [d] unfaithful.   

8)Othello’s first gift to Desdemona was a –

         a)fan                        b)gown  

         c)book                    d)handkerchief   [Annual Exam – 2017,2019]

Ans. [d] Hndkerchief                                                         

9)Othello’s tradegy lies ih his –

          a)trust on Iago           b)pride   

          c)cruelty       d)extreme love for Cassio      [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [a] trust on Iago.

10) After the trial Othello readily went to –

           a)Desdemona             b)War of Cyprus 

          c)Florence                    d)War of Turkey       [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [d] War of Turkey.

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                                 Twelfth Night (M.C.Q.)

1)Viola was the twin sister of –

         a)Orsino                        b)Sebastian   

        c)Cesario                       d)Olivia                         [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [b]Sebastian.  

2)Olivia invited Sebastian because –

        a)She mistook Sebastian to be Cesario

        b)Sebastian was a rich man 

        c)She was in love with Sebastian  

        d)Sebastian was allowed to use Antonio’s purse [Annual Exam – 2014]

Ans. [a] she mistook Sebastian to be Cesario.

3)Viola mourned the loss of her –

      a)ship                                 b)brother  

     c)valuables                        d)relatives                    [Annual Exam – 2015]

Ans. [b] brother.

4)The place of shipwreck was the coast of –

       a)English Channel     b)Illyria  

       c)Pacific Ocean        d)Atlantic Ocean [Annual Exam – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [b] Illyria.

5)Olivia mistook Sebastian to be –

         a)Orsino                                  b)Charles

         c)Cesario                                 d)Antonio       [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [c] Cesario

6)In the song desired by Orsino the singer wants to be buried where –

         a)the flowers grow         b)the sad true lover may never find him  

         c)the grass is greenest   d)the birds sing    [Annual Exam – 2016]

Ans. [b] the sad true lover may never find him  

7)The offence committed by Antonio for which he was arrested –

         a)he had killed the Duke’s nephew 

         b)he had killed the Duke 

         c)he had injured the Duke’s nephew 

        d)he had injured the Duke                   [Annual Exam – 2017, 2019]

Ans. [c] he had injured the Duke’s nephew.

8)Viola, in the disguise of a boy, took the name

          a)Antonio                       b)Oberon 

          c)Cesario                        d)Sebastian           [Annual Exam – 2017]

Ans.[c] Cesario

9)Olivia married –

           a)Orsino                        b)Sebastian  

           c)Cesario                        d)Antonio            [Annual Exam – 2018]

Ans. [b] Sebastian  

10)The Duke, Orsino confined to Cesario the account of his love for –

             a)Rosalind                   b)Ophelia   

             c)Viola                          d)Olivia                   [Annual Exam – 2019]

Ans. [d] Olivia

11)By nature Sebastian was –

           a)coward         b)weak  

          c)brave         d)clever      [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [c] brave

12)Viola was introduced at the Duke’s court as –

         a)a page of the Duke         b)a maid servant

        b)an officer                          c)the Duke’s wife   [Annual Exam – 2020]

Ans. [a] a page of the Duke

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