‘Comedy of Errors’ – Questions and Answers(L.A.Q.), Class 11, WBCHSE

1)What was the law that prevailed in Ephesus? What did the Duke say to Aegeon when he became a victim of law? [2+3 = 5]      [Annual Exam. – 2014]

Ans. The law that prevailed in Ephesus was that if a merchant of Syracuse was seen in Ephesus, he would be sentenced to death unless he paid a thousand marks for the ransom of his life.

When Aegeon became a victim of the law, the Duke asked him to tell the story of his life and the reason for his coming to Ephesus. Hearing the sad tale, the Duke was moved. He pitied Aegeon but was unable to alter the law. Instead of dooming him instantly, he gave him one more day to try to pay the fine.

2)Who was Aegeon? How did he arrive at Ephesus? What happened when he was brought before the Duke? [1+2+2 = 5]     [Annual Exam. – 2015]    


Who was Aegeon? How did he arrive at Ephesus? What made the Duke pity on Aegeon? [1+1+3 = 5] [Annual Exam. – 2019]

Ans. Aegeon was an old merchant of Syracuse.

When Aegeon along with his wife, twin sons and twin slaves was returning home from Epidamnum, a violent storm arose. His wife, elder son and slave were separated from him and lost in the shipwreck. When his younger son Antipholus was eighteen years old, he wished to search for his mother and brother. After much hesitation, Aegeon permitted to search for them. But it had passed seven years, Antipholus and Dromio did not return. So, to find out his son, Aegeon explored throughout the world and at last, landed on Ephesus.

When Aegeon was brought before the Duke, the Duke ordered him to tell the story of his life. The Duke was deeply moved to hear the story. He pitied Aegeon and gave him one more day to pay the ransom.

3)What made Aegeon landed at Ephesus? What danger did he face there? [3+2 = 5]  [Annual Exam. – 2016]

Ans. See the answer of Question – 2 (second paragraph).

When Aegeon was seen in the street of Ephesus, he was brought before the Duke. He came to know that there was a cruel law existed in this state. He would be sentenced to death or he would pay a thousand marks for the ransom of his life. This was the danger he faced.

4)Why was the Elder Antipholus denied entry in his own house? [5]  [Annual Exam. – 2015]

Ans. When Younger Antipholus was having dinner with his brother’s wife, his elder brother, the real husband of Adriana returned home to dinner. But he was denied entry in his own house because Adriana told the servants not to allow any stranger in the house. When Elder Antipholus repeatedly knocked at the door and said that they were Antipholus and Dromio, the servants inside the house laughed at them. The servants told them that Antipholus and Dromio were already present in the house and they were taking dinner. This mistake was happened due to two sets of identical twins brothers.

5) How did Aegeon find out all his family members? [5]   [Annual Exam. – 2018]

Ans. Aegeon arrived at Ephesus in search of his younger son who had gone to a search for his lost mother and brother seven years ago. He was arrested and brought before the Duke. There he came to know the cruel law in the state. He had to accept the death sentence as he had no money to pay the ransom of his life. The next day he was taken to the execution place which was near a convent. There he unexpectedly met his identical twin sons and twin slaves. Many confusions and errors were created due to the similarity of appearance of the pair of two twin brothers. Finally, Aegeon found out all his family members. The abbess of the convent was none other than his long lost wife who disclosed his identity.

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