Comedy of Errors – Questions and Answers(S.A.Q.), Class 11, WBCHSE

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1)What are the two enemy states mentioned in the play ‘Comedy of Errors’?

Ans. Syracuse and Ephesus

2)What would happen if any merchant of Syracuse was seen in Ephesus?

Ans. He would be put to death or pay thousand marks as a ransom.

3)Where did Aegeon belong to?

Ans. Syracuse

4)Where was Aegeon discovered?

Ans. In the street of Ephesus.

5)Who asked Aegeon to tell the story of his life?

Ans. The Duke of Ephesus.

6)Where was Aegeon forced to go after marriage?

Ans. Epidamnum.

7)Who were called Antipholus?

Ans. The twin sons of Aegeon.

8)Why did Aegeon buy the twins of a poor woman?

Ans. To attend his sons.

9)What was the cause of the shipwreck?

Ans. Violent storm.

10)Who took care of the elder ones at the time of shipwreck?

Ans. The wife of Aegeon.

11)Who rescued the wife of Aegeon and the elder ones?

Ans. Fishermen.

12)What are names of twin slaves?

Ans. Dromio.

13)Who saved the life of Aegeon?

Ans. The sailors.

14)At which age did Younger Antipholus want to search his mother and brother?

Ans. At eighteen years.

15)How many years did Aegeon wait for Younger Antipholus and slave Dromio to return home?

Ans. Seven years.

16)How many years did Aegeon search for them afterthat?

Ans. Five years.

17)Why did the Duke give Aegeon one day more?

Ans. To pay the fine by begging or borrowing money from someone.

18)Why could not Aegeon hope to get any help from someone?

Ans. As nobody knew him at Ephesus.

19)Which identity did Antipholus of Syracuse take to avoid punishment.

Ans. Merchant of Epidamnum.

20)Who advised  him to assume the identity?

Ans. A friend of Younger Antipholus.

21)Where had Elder Antipholus lived?

 Ans. At Ephesus.

22)For how many years had Elder Antipholus been living there?

Ans. For 20 years.

23)Who sold Elder Antipholus and Elder Dromio after the shipwreck?

Ans. The fishermen.

24)Whom did they sell to?

Ans. To the Duke Menaphon.

25)Who was Menaphon?

Ans. Uncle  of the Duke of Ephesus

26)Who made Elder Antipholus an officer in the army?

Ans. The Duke of Ephesus.

27)How did Elder Antipholus establish himself at Ephesus?

Ans. As a brave warrior.

28)Who was Adriana?

Ans. A rich lady of Ephesus and wife of Elder Antipholus.

29)Where did Younger Antipholus  intend to dine?

Ans. In an inn.

30)Why did Younger Antipholus come to Ephesus?

Ans. To search his mother and brother.

31)Who was allowed freedom of speech by Younger Antipholus?

Ans. Younger Dromio.

32)Who compared himself like drop of water in the ocean?

Ans. Younger Antipholus.

33) Who came out in search of Elder Antipholus?

Ans. Elder Dromio.

34)Why did Elder Dromio search for him?

Ans. For dinner.

35)Why was Younger Antipholus surprised to hear that his mistress was waiting for him for dinner?

Ans. As he was not married yet.

36)Why did Younger Antipholus lose all patient and beat Elder Dromio?

Ans. On hearing his mistress from Elder Dromio again and again.

37)Why did Adriana get furious?

Ans. On hearing her husband’s refusal to acknowledge her.

38)Who is Luciana?

And. Adriana’s sister.

39)What did Adriana think of her husband?

Ans. He was in love with another lady.

40)Why did Adriana come to the inn?

Ans. To take her husband home.

41)With whom did Younger Antipholus dine in his brother’s house?

Ans. Adriana and Luciana.

42)Who was the cookmaid in Adriana’s house?

Ans. Elder Dromio’s wife.

43)What was her name?

Ans. Dowsabel.

44)Who did not allow Elder Antipholus and Elder Dromio inside the house?

Ans. The servants.

45)Why did not the servants allow them?

Ans. As their mistress ordered them not to allow anyone.

46)Whom was Younger Antipholus attracted to?

Ans. Luciana.

47)Who gave Younger Antipholus a gold-chain?

Ans. A goldsmith.

48)Why did the goldsmith give the goldchain to Younger Antipholus?

Ans.As Elder Antipholus ordered him to do so.

49) Why was the goldsmith arrested?

Ans. As  he did not pay the debts.

50) Why was Elder Antipholus arrested?

Ans. As he refused to pay for the goldchain.

51) Who was sent to Adriana to take money  for avoiding arrest?

Ans. Younger Dromio.

52)To whom did Younger Dromio give the money that he brought from Adriana?

Ans. To Younger Antipholus.

53)With whom did Elder Antipholus dine when he was denied admittance into the house?

Ans. With another lady.

54)Why did Elder Antipholus resolve to dine with another lady?

Ans.To take avenge of his insult the previous night.

55)What did Elder Antipholus promise to present the lady?

Ans. The goldchain.

56)What did the lady give Elder Antipholus?

Ans. A ring.

57)Who came to Adriana to tell about her husband’s lunacy?

Ans. The lady with whom Elder Antipholus dined.

58)Who decided to pay the goldchain for the second time?

Ans. Adriana.

59)Where was Elder Antipholus ordered to bind in?

Ans. In a dark room.

60)Why was Elder Dromio considered mad?

Ans. As he confirmed what his master had said.

61)Who reported that Antipholus and Dromio had broken loose from captivity and seen roaming  in the streets?

Ans. A servant.

62)Where did Younger Antipholus and Younger Dromio run to save themselves from Adriana?

Ans. To a convent.

63)Whom did they beg for shelter?

Ans. To a abbess.

64)What according to the abbess was the reason of Antipholus’s madness?

Ans. Adriana’s jealous temper and her continuous brawls with her husband.

65)Where was the execution to be taken place?

Ans. Near the convent.

66)Why did the Duke attend the place of execution?

Ans. To pardon Aegeon if anyone would come forward to pay the fine.

67)Why did Elder Antipholus demand justice from the Duke?

Ans. As he was unjustly confined on the charge of lunacy by Adriana.

68)Why did Elder Antipholus refuse to pay the fine to save Aegeon’s life?

Ans. As he could not recognize his father.

69)Who was actually the abbess of the convent?

Ans. The wife of Aegeon.

70)Who was married to Younger Antipholus at last?

Ans. Luciana.

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