‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekhov – Questions and Answers(S.A.Q.), Class 12, WBCHSE

(Multiple choice questions can be easily covered with the following questions and answers)

1)What is the format of the play ‘The Proposal’?

Ans. One-act-play.

2)When was the play performed?

Ans. In 1890.

3)How many characters does the play have?

Ans. Three characters.

4)What were their ages?

Ans. Lomov – in his middle thirties.

         Chubukov – in his seventies

         Natalya – twenty five

5)What was the setting of the play?

Ans. Rural countryside of Russia.

6)What was Lomov wearing?

Ans. A dress-jacket and white gloves.

7)Why was Chubukov extremely glad and surprised?

Ans. To see Lomov.

8)What did Chubukov suspect of Lomov’s coming to his house?

Ans. To borrow money.

9)What does the Phrase ‘spit it out’ mean?

Ans. Just say it.

10)Why did Lomov actually come to Chubukov?

Ans. To propose his daughter in marriage.

11)Why did Chubukov embrace and kiss Lomov?

Ans. Hearing the marriage proposal  of his daughter.

12)What was Chubukov’s continual desire?

Ans. To get Lomov as his son- in-law.

13)What was the pet name of Natalya?

Ams. Natasha.

14)How did Chubukov compare his daughter’s love to Lomov?

Ans. Like a love- sick cat.

15)What was Lomov’s age?

Ans. 35 years.

16)What is a critical age according to Lomov?

Ans. 35

17)Who suffered from palpitations?

Ans. Lomov.

18)What were the other physical problems of Lomov?

Ans. Trembling of lips, twitch in right eyebrow, pull in shoulder and head.

19)When did Lomov use to jump like a lunatic?

Ans. When he felt the pull in his shoulder and head.

20)How many times did he feel the pull?

Ans. Twenty times.

21)Go there is a merchant come for his goods.” – Who is the merchant mentioned here?

Ans. Lomov.

22)What was Natalya wearing?

Ans. Apron and negligee.

23)What was Natalya doing?

Ans. Shelling peas for drying.

24)What was the weather when Natalya and Lomov met?

Ans. Slendid.

25)What was the weather of the previous day?

Ans. Wet.

26)What did Natalya inform Lomov about the workmen?

Ans. The workmen did not do anything all day.

27)Why was Natalya afraid of?

Ans. The hay might rot.

28)What did Natalya say about Lomov’s evening dress?

Ans. He looked better.

29)How long did Lomov have the privilege of knowing her family?

Ans. Since his childhood.

30)From whom did Lomov inherit his land?

Ans. From his late aunt and her husband.

31)Who had the greatest respect for Natalya’s father and her late mother?

Ans. Lomov’s late aunt and her husband.

32)What ,according to Lomov, was the relation between the Lomovs and the Chubukovs?

Ans. Friendly and the most affectionate.

33)Which land of Lomov touched the birchwoods?

Ans. Oxen Meadows.

34)What was the disputed land between the Lomovs and the Chubukovs?

Ans. Oxen Meadows.

35)Which land was wedged between birchwoods and the Burnt Marsh?

Ans. Oxen Meadows.

36)How long did Lomov have the claim of the land Oxen Meadows?

Ans. As long as he could remember.

37)Who gave the free use of Oxen Meadows to the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather?

Ans. Lomov’s aunt’s grandfather.

38)For how many years did Lomov’s aunt’s grandfather give the free use of the land to the peasants.

Ans. For forty years.

39)What did the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather use to make?

Ans. Bricks.

40)What did Natalya’s grandfather and great grandfather reckon about the land?

Ans. The land extended to Brunt Marsh.

41)For how many years did Natalya claim to occupy the land?

Ans. Nearly three hundred years.

42)What was the area of Oxen Meadows?

Ans. 5 dessiantins or 13.5 acres.

43)What according to Natalya was the worth of Oxen Meadows?

Ans. 300 roubles.

44)What could not Natalya stand?

Ans. Unfairness.

45)What did Natalya think of Lomov’s coming with putting on dress-jacket?

Ans. To claim Oxen Meadows.

46)What did Natalya lend Lomov the previous year?

Ans. Threshing machine.

47)What had happened to the Chubukovs on account of lending the threshing machine?

Ans. They had to put off their own threshing till November.

48)Who compared themselves as Gyspsies?

Ans. Natalya.

49)Who never grabbed anybody else’s land in his life?

Ans. Lomov.

50)Why did’nt the peasants pay to Lomov’s grandfather?

Ans. Because the land was in disput.

51)Who threatened to give up the meadows to the peasants?

Ans. Chubukov.

52)Who called Lomov a pettifogger?

Ans. Chubukov.

53)In what occasion did Chubukov call Lomov a pettifogger?

Ans. When Lomov threatened Chubukov to take him to court.

54)Who tried for embezzlement to the Lomovs?

Ans. Chubukov’s grandfather.

55)Who had lunacy in their family?

Ans. The Lomovs.

56)Whose grandfather was a drunkard?

Ans. Lomov’s grandfather.

57)What is the name of Lomov’s younger Aunt?

Ans. Nastasya Mihailovna.

58)To whom did Lomov’s younger Aunt run away?

Ans. With an architect.

59)Who was referred to as hump-backed?

Ans. Chubukov’s mother.

60)Who was mentioned as a guzzling gambler?

Ans. Lomov’s father.

61)Who was spoken to as a malicious and double faced intriguer?

Ans. Lomov.

62) Who called Lomov ‘the scarecrow’?

Ans. Chubukov

63)Who called Lomov ‘a turnip ghost’?

Ans. Chubukov.

64)Who was referred to as ‘stuffed sausage’?

Ans. Lomov.

65)Who called Lomov ‘the wizen faced frump’?

Ans. Chubukov.

(Chubukov called Lomov as a malicious/doublefaced intriguer/the scarecrow/a turnip ghost/stuffed sausage/the wizen faced frump)

66)Why did Chubukov wish to shoot or hang himself?

Ans. Because Natalya asked him to fetch Lomov  and just now they cursed him, abused him and expelled him.

67)Who remembered that Oxen Meadows really belonged to the Lomovs?

Ans. Natalya.

68)When did Natalya remembered that Oxen Meadows really belonged to the Lomovs?

Ans. When Lomov was fetched to propose her.

69)When did Lomov wish to go for shooting?

Ans. After the harvest.

70)What was the name of Lomov’s dog?

Ans. Guess.

71)What was the misfortune that Lomov got?

Ans. Guess had gone lame.

72)What was the cause of Guess’s lameness that Lomov had thought?

Ans. The leg of Guess must have got twisted or bitten by some other dog.

73)Where did Lomov buy his Guess from?

Ans. Mironov.

74)How much did Lomov pay for Guess?

Ans. 125 roubles.

75)Who bought Squeezer?

Ans. Chubukov.

76)What was the price of Squeezer?

Ans. 85 roubles.

77)Who thought that Squeezer was heaps better than Guess?

Ans. Natalya.

78)Why was Squeezer better than Guess to Natalya?

Ans. As Squeezer was young and had a good pedigree.

79)Who was overshot?

Ans. Squeezer.

80)What does overshot mean?

Ans. Lower jaw is shorter than upper.

81)Who was a bad hunter?

Ans. Squeezer.

82)Who were the parents of Squeezer?

Ans. Harness and Chisels.

83)’He is old and ugly as a worn out cab –horse’ – who is referred to here?

Ans. Guess.

84)What according to Lomov was the handsome price to pay for the Squeezer?

Ans. 25 roubles.

85)What were the two defects of Guess that Chubukov had pointed out?

Ans. Guess was i) old and ii) short in the muzzle.

86)Who ran neck to neck with the Count’s dog on the Marusinsky hunt?

Ans. Guess.

87)Who was left behind on the Marusinsky hunt?

Ans Squeezer.

88)Why was Squeezer left behind on the Marusinsky hunt?

Ans. Besause the Count’s whipper – in hit Squeezer with his whip.

89)Who was worrying a sheep on the Marusinsky hunt?

Ans. Squeezer.

90)Who advised Lomov to lie on Kitchen’s oven?

Ans. Natalya.

91)What should Lomov  hunt instead of foxes?

Ans. Black beetles.

92) “I’ll shoot you like a patridge.” – who said this and to whom?

Ans. Chubukov said this to Lomov.

93)Who used to beat Chubukov?

Ans. His late wife.

94) “You’re under the slipper of your house keeper.” – who said this and to whom?

Ans. Chubukov said this to Lomov.

95)Where had Lomov fall after being fainted?

Ans. Armchair.

96)Who abused Lomov that he could not even sit on horse?

Ans. Natalya.

97)Who wanted to put a bullet into his head or cut his throat?

Ans. Chubukov.

98)Why did Chubukov think Natalya as a weight in his shoulders?

Ans. As Natalya was a grown up unmarried girl.

99)Who offered champagne at the end?

Ans. Chubukov.

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