‘The Proposal’ – M.C.Q. From H.S. Question, Class 12, WBCHSE

1)The name of Natalya’s dog is –

      a) Squeezer                        b) Mirnov

      c) Guess                              d) Ivan                          [H.S.- 2016]

Ans.  [a] Squeezer.

2)When Lomov arrived, Chubukov was surprised by his –

      a) evening dress                b)palpitation

      c) shyness                          d) impudence             [H.S. – 2016]

Ans. [a] evening dress.

3)Lomov comes to Chubukuv’s house –

       a) to propose to his daughter       b) like a good neighbour

       c) for a formal meeting        c) to borrow money from Chubukov.[H.S. – 2016]

Ans. [a] to propose to his daughter.

4)Chubukov is a –

       a)Landowner                 b)lawyer

       c)merchant                    d)physician                     [H.S. – 2016]

Ans. [a] landowner.

5)Chubukov addresses Lomov as –

        a) a devil                       b) a peasant

        c)an angel                    d) a darling                       [H.S. – 2017]

Ans. [c] an angel.

6)Chubukov ordered Lomov to shut up or he would shoot him like a –

          a) patridge                  b)fox

          c)dog                           c) wolf                              [H.S. – 2017]

Ans. [a] patridge.

7)According to Natalya, they had lent Lomov their –

          a) hunting dog          b) lands

          c) peasants               d) threshing machine        [H.S. – 2017]

Ans. [d] threshing machine.

8)Natalya was shelling ……….. for drying –

         a) beans                                  b) peas    

         c)barley                                  d) meadows            [H.S. – 2017]

Ans. [b] peas.

9)Lomov gave …………… to Minorov for his dog. –

         a) 120 roubles                    b) 125 roubles

         c) 25 roubles                     d) 85 roubles               [H.S. – 2018]

Ans. [d] 85 roubles.

10)Lomov went to his neighbour, Chubukov’s house –

        a) to borrow money     b) to settle a dispute

        c) to give a marriage proposal  d) to complain    [H.S. – 2018 & 2022]

Ans. [c] to give a marriage proposal

11)Lomov’s aunt’s name is –

         a) Natalya Stepnova         b) Natasha Vassilvitch

         c) Nastasya Mihailovna   d)Natalya Mihailovna  [H.S. – 2018 & 2022]

Ans. [c ] Nastasys Mihailovna

12)Chubukov comments that Lomovs’ have had in their family –

          a) Autocracy                    b) lunacy 

          c) hypocrisy                     d) democracy                 [H.S. – 2018]

Ans [b] lunacy.

13)Natalya suggested that Lomov should not go after foxes but –

          a) catch black beetles        b) go after horses

          c) shoot partridges             d) go to the doctor   [H.S. – 2019]

Ans. [a] catch black beetles

14)Lomov wanted to remind Natalya that her dog was –

           a) ugly                                b) old

        c) overshot                      d) lame                           [H.S. – 2019]

Ans. [c] overshot.

15)Chubukov said that Lomov’s younger aunt had ran away with –

            a) a hunter                 b) a drunkard

            c) a count                   d) an architect               [H.S. – 2019 &2022]

Ans. [d] an architect

16)The worst of Lomov’s physical problems is –

          a) the way he sleeps    b) his palpitations

          c)his headache              d)his limp                     [H.S. – 2019 & 2022]

Ans. [a] the way he sleeps

17)The first argument between Lomov and Natalya was over –

           a) land                         b) labour

           c) hunting dogs          c) inheritance                  [H.S. – 2020]

Ans. [a] land.

18)When Natalya comes to know that Lomov had come to propose her, she asks her father to –

           a) never allow him again.   b) take him to court

           c) get him by the neck        d) bring him back   [H.S. – 2020]

Ans. [d] bring him back.

19)When Lomov arrived, Natalya was –

         a) instructing her mowers     b) shelling peas for drying 

         c) stacking hay                        d) readind a book    [H.S. – 2020]

Ans. [b] shelling peas for drying

20)Lomov hoped to go for shooting –

          a) before the harvest           b) in the November  

          c) in June                               d) after the harvest  [H.S. – 2020]

Ans. [d] after the harvest

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