Paragraph: Alone in a Railway Station at Night

Suppose you find yourself alone in a railway station at night. Write a paragraph in about 80 words describing your experience.

Alone in a Railway Station at Night

One day I was waiting for my brother at a railway station at night. He was returning from Kolkata. The train would arrive at 9 o’clock but at 9:15 p.m. it was announced that the train was 2 hours late. The night was Chilly. As the night progressed, the platform became empty. I was waiting there alone. I saw a dull lamp glowing in the ticket counter but it was also put out at 10 o’clock. Strange premonitions were arising in my mind. The shadows of trees and their movements in the darkness created a supernatural atmosphere. I heard the cries of some unknown birds coming from the distance. I was greatly scared and I was praying to God.  At last, the train came and I was relieved by finding my brother safe.

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