‘Othello’ – Questions and Answers (S.A.Q.), Class 11, WBCHSE

(Multiple choice questions can be easily covered with the following questions and answers)

1)Who was Brabantio?

Ans. A rich senator of Venice

2)What was the name of Brabantio’s daughter?

Ans. Desdemona

3)Why was Desdemona sought by various suitors?

Ans. For her clime and complexion

4)Whom did Desdemona love?

Ans. Othello.

5)Why did Desdemona choose him?

Ans. Because she regarded the heart more than the appearance and complexion of man.

6)Who was Othello?

Ans. A Moor, a dark complexion nobleman.

7)What was his rank in the army?

Ans. General.

8)Who was highly esteemed and revered throughout the state of Venice in the play ‘Othello’?

Ans. Othello.

9)What stories did Othello tell to Desdemona?

Ans. Adventurous stories of battles, foreign countries, vast wilderness, romantic caverns, quarries, the savage nations, the cannibals etc.

10)Who were the anthropophagi?

Ans. A kind of man whose heads grow beneath their shoulders.

11)Who are cannibals?

Ans. An ancient man-eater race.

12)How was the marriage between Othello and Desdemona solemnized?

Ans. Privately.

13)To whom did Brabantio pray for justice?

Ans. Duke of Venice.

14)Why did Brabantio pray for justice?

Ans. Because Desdemona and Othello married privately without taking the consent of Brabantio.

15)What accusation did Brabantio bring against Othello?

Ans. Othello cast spell and witchcraft to seduce gentle Desdemona.

16)Who attacked the Cyprus Island?

Ans. Turks.

17)Why was Othello summoned before the Senate?

Ans. I) To save the Cyprus from Turks and

         ii)Othello was charged with offences by Brabantio.

18)What did Othello narrate to the Duke when he was called for his defence?

Ans. A simple story of his love in an artless eloquence.

19)What did the Duke think about the spells and witchcraft?

Ans. It appeared to the Duke that it was an honest arts of wooing and the skill of telling a soft tale to win the heart of Desdemona.

20)Who confirmed the statement of Othello?

Ans. Desdemona.

21)What did Desdemona tell about her mother?

Ans. Her mother had preferred her father Brababtio above her grandfather.

22)What did Brabantio warn Othello about Desdemona?

Ans. Desdemona had deceived her father and might also deceive him.

23)Who accompanied Othello to the war in Cyprus?

Ans. Desdemona.

24)Why did Desdemona accompany Othello to the war in Cyprus?

Ans. Because she did not want to be separated from Othello.

25)What news did they hear as soon as they landed in Cyprus?

Ans. A violent storm dispersed the Turkish fleet and the island was secure.

26)Who possessed the confidence of Othello among the friends?

Ans. Cassio.

27)Who was Cassio?

Ans. A Florentine soldier.

28)Which quality of Cassio attracted the women?

Ans. His amorous and pleasing nature.

29)Who had used Cassio in his love affair?

Ans. Othello.

30)What was a blemish to Othello’s character?

Ans. His innocent simplicity.

31)Who was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Ans. Cassio.

32)Who thought that he had a better claim of the rank Lieutenant?

Ans. Iago.

33)What did Iago think about Cassio?

Ans. Cassio was befitting for the company of ladies and knew little of the art of warfare.

34)Who was the wife of Iago?

Ans. Emilia.

35)Why did Iago hate Othello?

Ans. For favouring Cassio and suspected Othello that he was too fond of Emilia.

36)Who could studied human mind deeply?

Ans. Iago.

37)What is the most unbearable affliction that torments man?

Ans. The pains of jealousy.

38)What would be an excellent plot of revenge according to Iago?

Ans. To make Othello envious of Cassio.

39)What created a holiday mood in the island of Cyprus?

Ans. The arrival of the General with his lady, and receiving the news of the dispersion of enemy’s fleet.

40)What duty was imposed on Cassio that night?

Ans. To restrain the soldiers from drinking excessively.

41)Who enticed Cassio to have a drink?

Ans. Iago.

42)What was a great fault for Cassio?

Ans. To have a drink for an officer on guard.

43) “She is a most exquisite lady.” – When did Cassio say this?

Ans. When Cassio was completely drunk.

44)Who got involved in a scuffle?

Ans. Cassio.

45)Who tried to pacify the dispute?

Ans. Montano, a worthy officer.

46)Who was injured in the scuffle?

Ans. Montano.

47)Who took the advantage of the scuffle and rung the castle bell?

Ans. Iago.

48)Who described the account of the whole matter of the scuffle to Othello?

Ans. Iago.

49)How did Iago present the whole matter of the scuffle to Othello?

Ans. It seemed that Cassio’s offence was less but actually it appeared opposite what Iago said.

50)Who was the strict observer of discipline?

Ans. Othello.

51)What rank was Casio demote from?

Ans. Lieutenant.

52)What did Iago advise Cassio?

Ans. To apply Desdemona to Mediate for him with Othello.

53)Who entered into the room when Cassio was already present with Desdemona?

Ans. Iago and Othello.

54) “I like not that”. – Who uttered this remark?

Ans. Iago.

55)Who deemed Iago to be a just man, full of love and honesty?

And. Othello.

56)Who persuade Othello to be sceptical to his wife?

Ans. Iago.

57)What did Othello demand to Iago before thought Desdemona dishonest?

Ans. Proof.

58)What did Iago know about the disposition of the Italian ladies?

Ans. The world might know their pranks but they did not dare to show their husbands.

59) “So mischievously the treacherous villain laid his plots to turn the gentle qualities of the innocent lady into her destruction.” – Who is the ‘treacherous villain’?

Ans. Iago.

60)What happened to Othello after  the long conversation with Iago?

Ans. He became restless.

61)What is ‘mandragora’ mentioned in the play ‘Othello’?

Ans. A narcotic plant.

62)Why did Othello lie hold on Iago’s throat?

Ans. Othello demanded proof against Desdemona’s guilt.

63)Why did Othello threaten Iago for instant death?

Ans. If Othello did not get any proof against Desdemona or Iago lied or misled  him.

64)What was the first gift to Desdemona from Othello?

Ans. A handkerchief.

65)Where did Iago see the Handkerchief?

Ans. Iago saw that Cassio was wiping his face with that handkerchief.

66)Who stole and dropped the handkerchief in the Cassio’s way?

Ans. Emilia.

67)Who gave the strawberry spotted handkerchief to Othello’s mother?

Ans. A charmer.

68)What did the charmer tell to Othello’s mother?

Ans. If she kept the handkerchief, it would made her amiable and it would subdue her husband to her love.

69)What would happen if Othello’s mother lost the handkerchief?

Ans. His father’s eye would  hold his mother loathsomely.

68)Why did Othello burst out of the room?

Ans. When Desdemona praised Cassio.

70)Who was compared to a weed?

Ans. Desdemona.

71)When did Desdemona feel a weight like sleep?

Ans. When Desdemoan was stunned at her husband’s untrue suspecion.

72)What did Desdemona ask the attendant?

Ans. To make the bed and put her bed sheet upon it.

73)Why did Othello resolve to kill Desdemona?

Ans. Othello thought that if she would live she would betray more man.

74)What was Desdemona awakened by?

Ans. By Othello’s kisses.

75)What did Othello do when he was fatal?

Ans. Othello used to gnaw his lips and roll his eyes.

76)How did Othello kill Desdemona?

Ans. Covering up in the bed clothes, he stifled her till death.

77)Who employed men to assassinate Cassio?

Ans. Iago

78)What exposed the guilt of Iago?

Ans. The letters.

79)Why did Othello kill himself?

Ans. The extreme anguish of killing his innocent and faithful wife made his life intolerable.

80)How was Iago punished at last?

Ans. By executing him with strict tortures.

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