‘As You Like It’ – Questions and Answers (L.A.Q.), Class 11, WBCHSE

1)How was the banished Duke’s life in the Forest of Arden? [5] [Annual Exam.Class 11 = 2015]

Ans. The banished Duke lived a happy life in the Forest of Arden with his followers. They got accustomed to a lazy life in the forest. They felt more relaxing than the life of a court. In summer they took shelter under the shed of trees and watched the playful sports of the deer. In winter they suffered from the cold winds but the Duke realized that they were the true counsellors. They did not flatter like men. The Duke learnt how to use the adversities of the forest like medicine extracted from the head of a poisonous toad. He got lessons from nature – he found tongues in trees, books in streams, sermons in stones and good in everything.

2) Who was the banished Duke? How did he and his followers live in the Forest of Arden? [1+4 = 4] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2022]

Ans. The banished Duke was the father of Rosalind and brother of Duke Fredrick.

For the second part write the answer to Question No. 1

3)Who were the two participants in the wrestling match? Whom did Celia and Rosalind try to dissuade? What was the result? [2+1+2 = 5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2014]

Ans. The two participants of the wrestling match were Orlando and a practised wrestler.

Celia and Rosalind tried to dissuade Orlando from the wrestling match.

Rosalind and Celia tried to change Orlando’s mind from the imminent fight. But Orlando became more determined to prove his valour in front of the ladies. The words of the ladies worked wonder. He defeated his opponent quite surprisingly.

4)How did Rosalind win Orlando’s heart? [5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2017]

Ans. When an uneven wrestling match was arranged between a practised wrestler and an inexperience young man, Celia and Rosalind tried to dissuade the young man from it. During the conversation with Orlando, Rosalind came to know that he had none in this wide world to lament over him. Rosalind felt an inclination towards him and almost fell in love. The words of the ladies worked wonder. Surprising all, he won the bout. When the real identity of Orlando was disclosed that he was the son of Rowland de Boys, her father’s best friend, Rosalind was extremely glad. She consoled him with kind words. She gave a chain from her neck as a token of love. In this way, Rosalind won the heart of Orlando.

5)Why was Oliver proved an unworthy brother? Why did Oliver wish to destroy Orlando? [3+2 = 5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2020]

Ans. At the time of death, Sir Rowland de Boys requested his elder son Oliver to bring up his brother with proper care. But Oliver neglected his responsibilities and did not even educate his brother in a school. So, he proved himself as an unworthy brother.

Oliver was jealous of his brother as Orlando grew up to be a fine man without proper care. That was why Oliver wanted to destroy Orlando. It was Orlando who had arranged for the uneven wrestling match.

6)How did Adam prove his loyalty towards his master? [5] [Annual Exam.Class 11 = 2016]

Ans. Adam was an old and faithful servant of Sir Rowland de Boys. He had a special affection for Orlando as he resembled his father. He overheard that Oliver had devised a plan to burn his brother Orlando at the time of sleep. He instantly warned Orlando of the impending danger and advised him to flee from there. He helped him with gold amounting to five hundred crowns. He also requested him to take him on the journey so that he could serve him. In this way, Adam proved his loyalty towards his master.

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