Letter to your friend advising him to visit the public library frequently

Write a letter to your friend(within 100 words) advising her/him to visit the public library in her/his locality as frequently as possible.

Ans. Dear Niloy,                                        Niloy’s Address & Date

At the very beginning of my letter, you take my hearty love. Hope, you are all well. As we discuss many things in our letters, today I will share my thoughts about the benefits of visiting a public library. It is a place where a large number of books are kept. You would certainly find some books that match your syllabus. You can use them as additional references. Sometimes we feel bored reading the school book. There are a variety of magazines, newspapers and periodicals to remove monotony. They also help to keep us up to date. If you are able to manage time, visit the library regularly. It will increase your reading habit.

No more today. Please inform me in the next letter whether you are following my suggestions.

                                                           Your loving friend,


Ashoke’s address

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