Letter to the editor of a newspaper about reckless driving of public vehicles.

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper (within 100 words) about the problems faced by commuters due to the reckless driving of public vehicles.

Ans. To

The Editor

The Statesman

4, Chowringhee Square

Kolkata – 700001

         Sub: Reckless driving of public vehicles


Through the columns of your esteem daily, I would like to express my concern about the reckless driving of public vehicles that has caused great anxiety among commuters. Nowadays roads have become very unsafe. A number of accidents are occurring every day. The common people who cannot but go outside for their livelihood feel panicky to ride on public transport. Public vehicles always compete against each other to save time or to get more passengers. Even on very congested roads, they drive dangerously. Sometimes the innocent pedestrian or passengers waiting for the vehicles are trodden by their rash driving. The RTO should be careful in issuing licences to eligible drivers. Supervision by the police on the road should be increased to observe the traffic rules strictly.

I would, therefore, on behalf of the commuters, request the authorities to take the necessary steps to control road accidents.

Thanking you.                Yours faithfully,

                                            Deepak Hazra

Khatpukur, Bidhannagar,

Paschim Burdwan,

21st June 2022

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