Paragraph: Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

Write a paragraph(within 100 words) on the benefits of early morning exercises using the following points:

[good for health – fresh air – keeps one active throughout the day]

Ans. Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

“Early to bed and early to rise/Makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”

This proverb shows how important to get up early in the morning. And if we add physical exercise to our daily routine early in the morning, it will be extremely beneficial for our body. The environment in the early morning is calm and quiet. There are hardly any vehicles at that time. So the surrounding is pollution-free and without noise. The fresh air and cool breeze inhaled during the exercise increase our fitness. It keeps us active and energetic throughout the day. It protects us from diseases. It helps the students to improve their concentration on their studies. So, everybody should do exercise to lead a healthy life.

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