‘Father’s Help’ by R.K. Narayan – Questions and Answers(S.A.Q.), Class 8, CBSE

1)Where from is the story ‘Father’s Help’ taken?

Ans. The story is taken from R.k. Narayan’s short story collection ‘Malgudi Days’.

2)What did Swami realize with a shudder?

Ans. Swami realized with a shudder that it was Monday morning.

3)What does it seem to Swami only a moment ago?

Ans. It seems to Swami only a moment ago that it had been the last period on Friday.

4) What did Swami hope about the school building?

Ans. Swami hoped that an earthquake would reduce the school building to dust so that he would not have to go to school.

5)What is the name of Swami’s school?

Ans. Swami’s school is The Albert Mission School.

6)What is the age of the school?

Ans. The school is over a hundred years.

7)Why did Swami wail?

Ans. Swami wailed because he had a headache.

8) ‘Why don’t you go to school in a jutka.’ – Who said this? What is a jutka?

Ans. Swami’s mother said these words. ‘Jutka’ is a two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage.

9)Why did Swami not want to ride on jutka?

Ans. Swami did not want to ride on jutka because it jolted his body violently.

10)What did Swami tell about the geography teacher to his mother?

Ans. Swami told that the geography teacher had been teaching the same lesson for over a year.

11) What did he tell about the arithmetic teacher?

Ans. The arithmetic teacher was a very angry teacher. He used to beat the students for any mistakes.

12)What was Swami’s first excuse?

Ans. Swami’s first excuse was that he could not go to school as he had a headache.

13)When was Swami wailing by a headache?

Ans. Swami was wailing by a headache at 9 o’clock.

14)What did mother suggest to Swami?

Ans. The mother suggested that he might stay at home.

15)Where was Swami lying?

Ans. Swami was lying on the bench in his mother’s room.

16))Where should Swami have been at 9:30?

Ans. Swami should have been in the school prayer hall at 9:30.

17)What was Swami doing at 9:30?

Ans. Swami was lying on the bench in his mother’s room pretending to have a headache.

18)What did father ask Swami when he was lying on the bench?

Ans. When he was lying on the bench, Father asked Swami if he had no school that day.

19)What did Swami’s father instruct him after hearing that he had a headache?

Ans. Swami’s father instructed him to dress up and go to school after hearing that he had a headache.

20)What should Swami do on Sundays according to Swami’s father?

Ans. According to Swami’s father, he should loaf less on Sundays.

21)What did Swami know about his father’s nature?

Ans. Swami knew that his father was very stubborn.

22)Why did Swami change his tactics?

Ans. Swami changed his tactics because his father was very strict. He would not allow him to stay at home for headaches.

23)What was Swami’s second excuse?

Ans. Swami’s second excuse was that he could not go to school as he was so late.

24) ‘So he changed his tactics.’ – What was the tactic?

Ans. The tactic was that he could not go to school because he was so late.

25)Why was Swami afraid of Samuel?

Ans. Swami was afraid of Samuel because he was very violent, especially with the boys who came in late.

26) What violent nature of Samuel did Swami show to his father?

Ans. Teacher Samuel kept a boy on his knees for a whole period, beat him badly with a cane and twisted his ears for coming late.

27)Why was Swami unwilling to tell their headmaster about Samuel?

Ans. Swami was unwilling to tell their headmaster about Samuel because the headmaster was also afraid of Swami.

28)How does Swami introduce the character of his teacher Samuel to his father?

Ans. Swami introduces the character of his teacher Samuel to his father like a violent man.

29)What change did Swami notice in his father’s behaviour?

Ans. Swami noticed an unexpected turn in his father’s behaviour.

30)Why did Swami’s father become excited?

Ans. Swami’s father became excited hearing the lurid account of Samuel’s violence.

31)What did his father propose?

Ans. His father proposed to send Swami late to the class as a kind of challenge.

32)What did Swami’s father do during the time Swami got ready for his school?

Ans. Swami’s father composed a long letter to the headmaster during the time Swami got ready for his school.

33)What did Swami ask his father apprehensively?

Ans. Swami asked his father apprehensively what he had written in the letter.

34)What did father instruct Swami?

Ans. Father instructed Swami to give the letter to his headmaster and bring an acknowledgement from him in the evening.

35)What was Swami’s feeling when he went to school?

Ans. Swami felt that he was the worst perjurer on earth when he went to school.

36)What was Swami doubtful about?

Ans.  Swami was doubtful about the description of Samuel had been accurate.

37)Why did Swami stop on the roadside?

Ans. Swami stopped on the roadside to make up his mind about Samuel that he was not such a bad man after all.

38)What did Swami feel about Samuel?

Ans. Swami felt that Samuel was not such a bad man. Personally, he was much more friendly than the other teachers. He cracked a joke. But he sometimes skinned pupils’ hands badly with a cane.

39)What story about Samuel was persisted among the students for years?

Ans. Once Samuel skinned the knuckles of a boy in the first standard and made him smear the blood on his face.

40)Why was Swami’s head dizzy with confusion? OR. Why did Swami grieve for Samuel?

Ans. Swami’s head was dizzy with confusion because he could not decide if Samuel was good or bad really and whether he deserved the allegations made against him in the letter.

41)How was Swami ruining his teacher Samuel?

Ans. Swami was ruining his teacher Samuel by perjuring.

42)How did Samuel look? OR. Described the appearance of Samuel?

Ans. Samuel had a dark face, small red-streaked eyes, thin line of moustache, unshaven cheek and he used to wear a yellow coat.

43 When did Swami feel like an executioner?

Ans. When Swami felt the bulge of the letter in his pocket, he felt like an executioner

44) What did Swami fail to decide about Samuel?

Ans. Swami failed to decide if Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him in the letter.

45)What idea occurred to Swami as he entered the school gate?

Ans. As Swami entered the school gate, he decided to deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day.

46)Why did Swami decide to deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day?

Ans. Swami decided to deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day because he wanted to give Samuel a chance during the course of the day to justify the letter.

47)What was Samuel doing when Swami stood at the entrance to his class?

Ans. Samuel was teaching arithmetic when Swami stood at the entrance to his class.

48)What did Swami hope about Samuel when he came to school late?

Ans. Swami hoped that Samuel would fall on him and tear his skin off.

49)How late was Swami at school?

Ans. Swami was half an hour late at school.

50)What was the unexpected question asked by Samuel?

Ans. Samuel asked Swami why he had come to school with the headache. It was an unexpected question to Swami.

51)What made Samuel impressed?

Ans. In spite of Swami’s headache, his father sent him to school. He did not want him to miss school. Such approach of Swami’s father impressed the teacher Samuel.

52)What did Swami feel as he sat down in his classroom?

Ans. As Swami sat down in the classroom, Swami felt that he had never met such a good man like Samuel.

53)When did Samuel get most angry in the class?

Ans. Samuel got most angry in the class at the time of inspecting home lessons.

54) What were the scenes of great violence, according to Swami’s impression, at the time of Samuel’s inspecting the home lessons?

Ans. Notes books would be flung and the boys would be abused, caned and made to stand up on the benches.

55) How did Samuel appear that day?

Ans. Samuel appeared very tolerant and gentle that day.

56)Why did not Swami do his home task?

Ans. Swami did not do his home task as he had a headache.

57)Why did Swami feel desolate?

Ans. Swami felt desolate because the period came to an end and Samuel did not show his violence.

58)Who took the last period?

Ans. Samuel took the last period.

59)What subject did Samuel teach in the last class?

Ans. Samuel taught Indian History in the last class.

60)When did the last period begin and end?

Ans. The last period began at 3:45 pm and ended at 4:30 pm.

61) What portion of History was Samuel reading at the last period?

Ans. Samuel was reading Vasco da Dama’s arrival in India at the last period.

62) Why did Swami feel slightly happy?

Ans. Swami felt slightly happy because he succeeded to irritate Samuel somewhat by asking an irrelevant question-‘Why did Columbus not come to India?’.

63)Why did Samuel scowl at Swami?

Ans. Samuel scowled at Swami because he was disturbing the class by shouting again and again.

64)What did Samuel order the whole class to spend the remaining few minutes at the last quarter?

Ans. Samuel ordered the whole class to put away their books he wished to ask some questions to spend the remaining few minutes at the last quarter.

65)Why did Samuel cane, Swami?

Ans. Samuel caned Swami because, in spite of his warning, Swami provoked him by getting up and answering the questions with his loud screech.

66) How many blows of cane did Swami receive from Samuel?

Ans. Swami received a total of eight blows of cane from Samuel.

67)What did Swami do when the bell rang for the last period?

Ans. Swami picked up his books and ran to the headmaster’s room.

68)Why was the headmaster’s room locked?

Ans. The headmaster’s room was locked because he took the afternoon off and went on a week’s leave.

69)Who was the Assistant Headmaster in Swaminathan’s school?

Ans. Samuel was the Assistant Headmaster in Swaminathan’s school.

70)What did father do with the letter?

Ans. Father snatched the letter and tore it.

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