H.S. English Suggestion – 2022, WBCHSE

The questions that are provided in this suggestion will help the students to prepare the entire syllabus of English. If they complete all the questions, they will certainly get immense confidence to resolve any questions.


1)The Eyes Have It

1)“Then I made a mistake.” – What mistake did the speaker make? Why was it a mistake? What removed the speaker’s doubts? What did the speaker do then? [1+2+1+2 = 6]  [H.S. – 2017]

2)“I am tired of people telling me I have a pretty face.” – Who said this, to whom, and when? What did the person spoken to reply? [ 1+1+2+2 = 6]   [H.S. -2015 & 2016]

3)“She would forget our brief encounter.” – Who said this about whom? What is the ‘brief encounter’ referred to here? Why did the speaker think so? [2+2+2 = 6] [H.S. – 2016]

4)“The girl got up and began to collect her thing.” – Who is the girl? When did she get up? Why did she collect her things? What had the speaker thought about the brief encounter he had with the girl? [1+1+1+3 = 6]  [H.S. – 2019]

5) “She was an interesting girl.” – Who said this, to whom, and when? What else did the person say? What reply did he get? [ 3+1+2  = 6] [H.S. – 2018]

6) “Yes this is the best time.” – Who said this and to whom? What was the occasion of the remark? Why according to the narrator is the best time? [ 1+2+3 = 6]

7) “Few girls can resist flattery” – Who said this? What was the flattery? What was the reaction of the spoken one? [1+2+3 = 6]

2)Strong Roots

1)’ I normally ate with my mother’ – Who ate with his mother? Name his mother? Where did he eat with his mother? – What did he eat with his mother? [1+1+1+3 = 6] [H.S. – 2018]

2)’Our locality was predominantly Muslim’ – Who is the speaker? How does the speaker describe the locality? What picture of communal harmony do you find in the description? [1+3+2 = 6] [H.S. – 2017]

3) ‘The people of different religions would be sitting outside waiting for him’ – Who is referred to as ‘him’? Where did the people wait? Why did they wait there? What would happen thereafter? [1+1+2+2 = 6] [H.S. – 2020]

4) ‘Why don’t you say this to the people who come to you? Who says this and to whom? What is referred to by the word ‘this’? Why do the people come to the person spoken to? [1+1+3+1 = 6] [H.S. – 2015]

5) ‘His answer filled me with a strange energy and enthusiasm’ – Who is the speaker? Whose answer is being referred to here? What was the answer? [1+1+4 = 6] [H.S. – 2019]

6) What remained the routine for Abdul Kalam’s father even when he was in his late sixties? What does Abdul Kalam say about his emulation of his father? [3+3 = 6] [H.S =2016]

3)Three Questions

1)What were the questions that the Tsar wanted to be answered? Why did he need the answer? Why was he dissatisfied with the answers given by the scholars and learned men? [3+1+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2020]

2)What were the questions that had occurred to the Tsar? Why did he need correct answers to those questions? What did he do when he was not satisfied with the answers of the learned men? [3+1+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2016]

3) “All the answers being different, the Tsar agreed none of them.” – What were the questions to which the Tsar got different answers? Whom did the Tsar decide to consult when he was not satisfied? Where did the person live whom the Tsar decided to consult? What was he famous for? [2+1+1+1 = 6] [H.S. = 2018]

4)How was the wounded man revived and nursed? Why did he ask forgiveness of the Tsar? What did the Tsar do when he had gained the man for a friend? [2+2+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2019]

5)How did the Tsar nurse the wounded man? [6] [H.S. = 2015]

6)Why did the bearded man become an enemy of the Tsar? What did the man swear and resolve to do? Why did he ask forgiveness of the Tsar and what did he promise him? [1+2+3 = 6] [H.S. = 2017]


1)Asleep in the Valley

1)His smiles/ Is like an infant’s…………” – Whose ‘smile’ is referred to here? Why is his smile compared to the smile of an infant? How does nature take care of him? [1+3+2 = 6] [H.S. – 2019]

2) “The humming insects don’t disturb his rest” – Who rest and where? Why is his rest not disturbed by the insects? [1+2+3 = 6] [H.S. – 2020]

3) “A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed,” – Who is the soldier referred to here? Narrate in your own words how the soldier lies in the valley? [2+4 = 6] [H.S. – 2016]

4) “In his side there are two red holes” – Who is the person referred to here? What do the ‘two red holes’ signify? What attitude of the poet about war is referred to here? [1+2+3 = 6] [H.S. – 2017]

5) How does the poet express the futility of war through is the poem ‘Asleep in the Valley’? What message does he want to convey? [4+2 = 6] [H.S. – 2018]

6) Justify the title of the poem ‘Asleep in the Valley’ [6] [H.S. – 2015]

2)Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day

1)How does Shakespeare compare the beauty of his friend to that of a summer’s day? [6] [H.S. = 2016]

2)What do the rough winds do? What does the poet mean by ‘summer’s lease’? How is the friend’s beauty superior to the summer’s day? [1+1+4 = 6] [H.S. =2020]

3) ‘And every fair from fair sometime declines.’ –  Which poem is the line quoted? Who is the poet? Briefly explain the meaning of the quoted line. How does the poet promise to immortalize his friend’s beauty? [1+1+2+2 =6] [H.S. = 2018]

4) ‘But thy eternal summer shall not fade.’ – Who is being referred to as ‘thy’? What is meant by ‘eternal summer’? Why shall not ‘thy eternal summer’ fade? [1+1+4 = 6] [H.S. =2019]

5) ‘But thy eternal summer shall not fade Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st.’ – Whose ‘eternal summer’ is being referred to here? What does ‘eternal summer’ mean? What conclusion does the poet draw at the end of his poem? [1+2+3 = 6] [H. S. = 2017]

6) “So long lives this, and this gives life to you.” – What does ‘this’ refer to here? Whom does ‘this’ give life to? How does ‘this’ give life? [1+1+4 = 6]

3)The Poetry of Earth

1)Why does Keats feel that the poetry of earth is never dead? [6] [H.S. = 2015]

Or.  How does Keats show that the poetry of earth never cease? [6] [H.S. = 2019]

2) What picture of summer is presented in “The Poetry of Earth”? How has it been carried on to the picture of winter? [4+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2016]

3) What does Keats mean by ‘poetry of earth’? Why does he say that this poetry never ceases? [2+4 = 6] [H.S. = 2017]

4) Identify the voices of the ‘Poetry of Earth’. How does Keats establish its continuity through its voices? [2+4 = 6] [H.S. = 2020]

5) Justify the title of Keats’s sonnet ‘The Poetry of Earth’. [6] [H.S. = 2018]


The Proposal

1)Why are you formal in your get up.” – Who is the speaker? Who is being spoken to? What leads the speaker to make this comment? [1+1+4 = 6]     [H.S. = 2019]

2) “I have been hoping for it for a long time.” – Who is the speaker? What does ‘it’ refer to? How did the speaker come to know about it? What more did the speaker say in this context? [1+1+1+3 = 6]  [H.S. = 2020]

3) “She is like a love-sick cat.” – Who said this about whom? Analyse the character of the person, referred to here, under the light of the comment above. [1+1+4 = 6]   [H.S. = 2017]

4)Why did Lomov think about taking a decision about getting married? Whom did he want to marry? Why?  [3+1+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2016]

OR.       “And it’s impossible for me not to marry.” – Why is the speaker so interested to marry? Whom does he want to marry and why? [3+1+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2020]

6) “Go there is a merchant come for his goods.” – Who said this and to whom? Who is the merchant? What is referred to as goods? In what way does it bring out the attitude of the person and the society at the time?  [2+1+1+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2018]

7) “We have had the land for nearly three hundred years.” – Who is the speaker? Who is spoken to? What is referred to as ‘the land’? What do you know of the land from their conversation? [1+1+1+3 = 6] [H.S. = 2018]

8) “If you like, I’ll make you a present of them.” – Who is the speaker? Who is the person spoken to? What would the speaker make a present of? Why did the speaker say so? [1+1+1+3 = 6] [H.S. = 2017]

9) “Bring him back! Back! Ah! Bring him here.” – Who says this and to whom? When is this said? What impression of the speaker can be formed from this comment? [1+1+2+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2020]

10)Forgive us, Ivan Vassilevitch, we were all a little heated.” – Who is the Speaker? Who are referred to by us? Why were the persons referred to ‘a little heated’? Why does the speaker ask for forgiveness? [1+1+2+2 = 6] [H.S. =2016]

11) “I am the most unhappy of men.” – Who said this? Why did he say so? How did the speaker get rid of his unhappiness? [1+3+2 = 6] [H.S. = 2019]

12) Give a brief sketch of the character of Lomov in the play ‘The Proposal’. [6] [H.S. = 2018]

13)Describe the character of chubukov as a sensible father. [6] [H.S. = 2016]


Report Writing

1) Write a report on the celebration of Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhijan at your school.

2)Write a report on the annual sports of your school to be published in the school magazine.

3)Write a report on Kanyashree Day observation in your school.

4) Write a report on Education Excursion conducted by your school.

5)Write a report on the Teachers’ Day celebration of your school.

6)Write a report on a farewell ceremony of a retired teacher at your school.

7)write a report on a blood donation camp organised by your local club.

8)Write a report on a dengue prevention camp organized by your club.

Letter Writing

Editorial Letter

1)Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily stating the scarcity of drinking water in your locality.

2) Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily complaint about the poor condition of roads in your locality.

3) Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily expressing your concern about the increasing number of road accidents.

4)Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about the bad effects of plastic carry bags on the environment.

5) Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about the forcible collection of subscriptions during different pujas.

Formal Letter

1)Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school asking for permission to arrange an educational excursion.

2)Suppose you need an early departure from school after the fourth period due to an unavoidable situation. Now write an application to your Headmaster seeking permission to leave early.

3)Write a letter to the concerned authority requesting for rectification of mistakes in your Aadhar card.

4) Write a letter to the concerned authority of a super-speciality hospital demanding an explanation of an exorbitant medical bill that they have charged unduly for a relative of yours.

5)Write an application to the officer-in-charge of the local police station informing him about the loss of your valuable documents.

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