‘The Price of Bananas’- Textual Questions and Answers, Class IX, WBBSE

Exercise 1

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) The author was on his way from Faizabad railway station to –

(a) Delhi [     ]

(b) Kolkata [     ]

(c) Lucknow [ ✓ ]

(d) Ahmedabad [     ]

(2) From the water pump the passengers were filling up their –

(a) water bottles [     ]

(b) earthen pitchers [ ✓ ]

(c) brass jugs [     ]

(d) steel buckets [     ]

(3) The gentleman who came up to the author’s compartment looked like a –

(a) businessman [ ✓ ]

(b) doctor [     ]

(c) teacher [     ]

(d) postman [     ]

(4) The price the vendor asked for the bananas was –

(a) two annas [ ✓ ]

(b) four annas [     ]

(c) six annas [     ]

(d) eight annas [     ]

(5) The author drew the cartoon of –

(a) fruit vendor [     ]

(b) monkey [     ]

(c) porter [     ]

(d) Sethji [ ✓ ]

Exercise 2

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

(1) Where did the young monkeys sit?

Ans. The young monkeys sat on the boughs of neem and tamarind trees.

(2) What did the monkey do to the loin cloth of the pious person?

Ans. The monkey snatched away the loincloth of the pious man.

(3) What did Sethji’s luggage include?

Ans. Sethji’s luggage included a big steel trunk, several small baskets and a brass jug.

(4) Why, according to the fruit vendor, were the monkeys disturbing the passengers?

Ans. According to the fruit vendor, the monkeys were disturbing the passengers because they were hungry.

Exercise 3

Answer the following question within twenty-five words:

(1) What was the businessman wearing?

Ans. The businessman was wearing a white muslin dhoti, a delicate tunic and an embroidered cap on his head.

(2) What did the monkey do after accepting the fruit vendor’s bargain?

Ans. After accepting the fruit vendor’s bargain, the monkey took over the bananas with his right hand and released the embroidered cap with its left.

(3) How did the whole amusing episode end?

Ans. The whole amusing episode ended in a better sense of grievance against the rich businessman as he did not pay only two annas for bananas to the fruit vendor.

Grammar in use:

Exercise 4

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:

(a)  …………………………  sun rises in the east.

Ans. The sun rises in the east.

(b) The dog jumped…………………….the log.

Ans. The dog jumped over the log.

(c) I love to watch………..one-day match.

Ans. I love to watch a one-day match.

(d) ……………..a pen, Tiya also has an eraser.

Ans. Besides a pen, Tiya also has an eraser.

Exercise 5

Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) Mr Khan is known to me.

Ans. I know Mr Khan.

(b) Trina had composed a poem.

Ans. A poem had been composed by Trina.

(c) I will always remember you.

Ans. You will be always remembered by me.

(d) They have made him the President of the club.

Ans. He has been made the president of the club by them.

Exercise 6

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the given verbs in brackets:

(a) They ………….  …………. their puja vacation in the hills. (spend)

Ans. They have spent their puja vacation in the hills.

(b) We …….. ……… ……… in this city for over ten years. (live)

Ans. We have been living in this city for over ten years.

(c) I ………… just …………  reading the book. (finish)

Ans. I have just finished reading the book.

(d) The project ………….. …………… …………by June next year. (complete)

Ans. The project will be completed by June next year. (complete)

Exercise 7

Change the mode of narration in the following sentences:

(a) Rahul said,” Alas! Brazil has lost the match.”

Ans. Rahul exclaimed in grief that Brazil had lost the match.

(b) “Let us go for a walk,” said Shabnam to Chandni.

Ans. Shabnam suggested to Chandi that they should go for a walk.

(c) “Good morning, madam,” said the students to the teacher.

Ans. The student bade the teacher respectfully good morning.

(d) My father said to me, “Do not pluck flowers.”

Ans. My father forbade me to pluck flowers.


Exercise 8

Write a story in about 100 words using the given hints. Give a suitable title to the story:

[Hints: two cats find a piece of bread-fight over it-monkey arrives-decides to settle the dispute-monkey breaks the bread into two-uneven size-eats a portion from the larger share-dispute continues-monkey eats both pieces of bread]

Click Here for the Answer

Exercise 9

Using the following points write a paragraph in about 100 words on how your locality looks like at dawn:

[your place of stay-early morning sky-description of the nature around-sounds that are heard-reasons for enjoyment-conclusion ]

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