Story: Two Cats and a Monkey

Write a story in about 100 words using the given hints. Give a suitable title to the story:

[Hints: two cats find a piece of bread-fight over it-monkey arrives-decides to settle the dispute-monkey breaks the bread into two-uneven size-eats a portion from the larger share-dispute continues-monkey eats both pieces of bread]

Ans. Two Cats and a Monkey

One day two cats found a piece of bread. They started to fight over it for an equal share. But it was hard for them to share it equally. A monkey arrived there and said, ‘May I settle your dispute?’. They agreed to his proposal. The monkey broke the bread into two uneven halves intentionally. To make them equal, he cut some portion from the larger half and ate it. Then another part became larger. And he ate from the larger part again. In this way, the monkey ate both pieces. The cats were befooled by the monkey.

Moral: Quarrels give an advantage to a third person.

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