Dialogue: Between Two Friends Regarding Their Voyage

Imagine that you and your friend are sailors of two ships that have recently returned from their voyages. Write a dialogue within 100 words on the different experiences of your voyages.


Rajib: Hi Rahul! How are you?

Rahul: I am so so and you?

Rajib: I’m fine. Meet you after a long time.

Rahul: Oh Yes. When did you return from the voyage?

Rajib: Of late.

Rahul: What about your journey?

Rajib: It’s great. I never experienced such views in my life.

Rahul: Oh really!

Rajib: I always waited for the sunrise and the sun setting. They thrilled me very much. At night, the sea becomes a dreamland. The illuminating coastal area, the starry night sky and the cool breeze are so charming.

Rahul: But I felt bored. I don’t love the water everywhere. The hot day and the chilly dark night make me sick.

Rajib: Better luck next time.

Rahul: Thank you. Bye.

Rajib: See you.

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