Newspaper Report: Flood Creates Havoc

Write a newspaper report within 100 words on the effect of a devastating flood in your district based on the following hints:

[Midnapore district-month of July – heavy rainfall – rivers overflowing-trees uprooted, many villages flooded- loss of human and animal life-rescue operations-steps taken by the government]

Ans.          Flood Creates Havoc in Midnapore

                                                -By a Staff Reporter

Midnapore, July 10: Heavy rainfall has ravaged the entire district of Midnapore. It was caused by a deep depression. The incessant rainfall for seven days has flooded almost all the rivers in the district. The overflowing water of the rivers has drenched the extensive part of Midnapore. It caused a huge loss of lives and property. All the big trees were uprooted. Over five thousand families have been rendered homeless. Hundreds of huts have been washed away. Rescue teams have reached the affected area. They transferred the homeless people to the school buildings of nearby villages. Government and non-government agencies have joined hands in providing relief to the victims of the flood. The state government announced Rs. 25 crores for relief funds and rehabilitation of the victims.

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