‘All Summer in a Day’ – Textual Questions and Answers, Class IX, WBBSE

Exercise -1

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

1)Men and the woman came from the Earth to Venus by –

a)aeroplanes [ ]

b)helicopters [ ]

c)rockets [ ✓ ]

d)satellites [ ]

2)The children learned that the sun was like a/an –

a)lemon [ ✓ ]

b)apple [ ]

c)orange [ ]

d)guava [ ]

3)The children had long forgotten the colour of the –

a)earth [ ]

b)sun [ ✓ ]

c)venus [ ]

d)moon [ ]

4)When the children felt warm in the sun they took off their –

a)jackets [ ✓ ]

b)sweaters [ ]

c)blazers [ ]

d)coats [ ]

5)The children came to know that the sun would come out after –

a)two years [ ]

b)six years [ ]

c)seven years [ ✓ ]

d)nine years [ ]

Exercise 2

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

a)How did the heavy storms affect the islands of Venus?

Ans. The heavy storm caused tidal waves to come over the islands and crushed thousands of forests under the rain.

b)What did the children write about the sun?

Ans. The children wrote small stories, essays and poems about the sun.

c)Where did the children play?

Ans.  The children played in the echoing tunnels of the underground city.

d)How did the jungle in Venus look?

Ans. The jungle on Venus looked like the colour of rubber, ash and ink.

Exercise 3

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

a)Why were the children eager to see the sun?

Ans. The children were eager to see the sun because they would experience the sun for the first time after seven years. They were only two years old when the sun last came out for just an hour.

b)What did the children do immediately after the rain stopped?

Ans. The children put their hands to their ears immediately after the rain stopped. The silence was so immense one would feel as if the ears had been stuffed.

c)Why do you think that the children were feeling unhappy when it started raining again?

Ans. The children were feeling unhappy when it started raining again because they would have to wait for the sun for seven long years to appear.

Exercise 4

Read the following sets of sentences and identify their kinds:

Set 1:

a)A cool wind blew around them.

Ans. Simple sentence.

b)When the sun came out last seven years ago they were too young.

Ans. Complex sentence.

c)They took off their jackets and let the sun warm their arms.

Ans. Compound Sentence.

Set 2:

a)A wind that was cool blew around them.

Ans. Complex sentence.

b)The sun came out last seven years ago and they were too young then.

Ans. Compound sentence.

c)Taking off their jackets, they let the sun warm their arms.

Ans. Simple sentence.

Exercise 5

Do as directed:

a)I have a blue pen. (Change into a complex sentence)

Ans. I have a pen which is blue in colour.

b)Seeing a snake, the boy shouted. (Change into a compound sentence)

Ans. The boy saw a snake and shouted.

c)I know a man who is very wise. (Change into a simple sentence)

Ans. I know a very wise man.

d)The girl who is dancing on the stage is my sister. (Change into a compound sentence)

Ans. The girl is dancing and she is my sister.

Exercise 6

Write a letter within 100 words to the postmaster of your locality informing him about the loss of an important letter addressed to you, and requesting him to help you to get it.

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