‘The Necklace’ by Guy De Maupassant – Questions and Answers(S.A.Q.), Class 10, CBSE

1)Why was Mme Loisel angered and dissatisfied with her life?

Ans. Mme Loisel was an ambitious lady. She wished to spend her life with all luxuries. But being a wife of a petty clerk, her dream was shattered. She suffered from poverty. She had neither a good home to live in nor had good dress and jewels to present herself in elegant society. So, she was angered and dissatisfied with her life.

2)What would Matilda dream when she sat for dinner?

Ans. Matilda would dream of elegant dinners of shining silver. She thought of the exquisite food served in marvellous dishes. But she had neither frocks nor jewels so that she would look presentable.

3)Briefly describe the character of Mr Loisel.

Ans. Matilda’s husband is a simple man. In contrast to her wife, he was happy with little things and contented with his life. He was a caring husband. He tries to please the whims of his ambitious wife going beyond his limit. He is honest as he returns the diamond necklace accepting all the challenges and miseries of life.

4)Why did Mme Loisel not like to visit her rich friends?

Ans. Mme Loisel did not like to visit her rich friends because she was disappointed in comparing her wretched condition with the luxurious life spent by her friends.

5) ‘One evening her husband returned elated bearing in his hand a large envelop.’ – What was the large envelope contained? Why was her husband elated?

Ans. The large envelope contained an invitation card from the Minister of Public instruction.

Her husband was elated because it was an honour for him to be invited as it was for selected persons. On the Other hand, he thought the invitation card would make her wife happy as they never go out for any party or dinner.

6)What was Matilda’s reaction on bringing the invitation card to Minister’s party by her husband?

Ans. Instead of being delighted, Matilda threw the invitation card spitefully. She did not want to go to the party because she had no suitable dress and jewels for the occasion. She suggested giving it to his colleague whose wise was more competent for the ball than Matilda.

7) ‘How much a suitable costume cost something that would serve for other occasions, something very simple.’ – Who asked this and to whom? What was the occasion? How much did the costume cost?

Ans. Loisel said this to Matilda when she was weeping for not having any suitable dress for the party. Loisel tried to comfort her by asking these words.

The costume cost around four hundred francs.

8)How did Loisel react after hearing about the cost of the new dress?

Ans. After hearing the cost of the new dress, Loisel turned a little pale. It cost around four hundred francs that he had saved to buy a gun for hunting parties. Nevertheless, he agreed to give the money for a pretty dress.

9) ‘What is the matter with you? You have acted strangely for two or three days.’ –  Why has Matilda acted strangely?

Ans. Matilda acted strangely because he was vexed with not having a jewel or anything to adorn her for the party. She would look shabby in the midst of rich women. It was very humiliating to her.

10)What idea did her husband give her to get the jewels? How did Matilda respond to it?

Ans. Matilda’s husband suggested to go to her friend Mme Forestier and asked to lend her jewels.

Matilda uttered a cry of joy. She was highly elated by his husband’s suggestion.

11)How did Matilda get the jewels for the ball?

Ans. Matilda unfolded her story of distress to one of her rich friends Mme, Forestier. She brought her large jewel case and offered her to choose anything. After a little hesitation, she was fascinated by a superb necklace of diamonds that she lent for the ball.

12)What happened to the ball? Was Matilda’s dream fulfilled?

Ans. At the ball, Mme Loisel with her costume and diamond necklace was the prettiest of all. She looked elegant, gracious and full of joy. Her dream was fulfilled as she became the cynosure of the ball. All men noticed her, asked her name and wanted to be presented.

13)Why did Matilda wish to leave the ball in a hurry?

Ans. Matilda wrapped herself with a modest wrap. It looked incongruous with the elegance of the ball costume. On the other hand, the other ladies wrapped themselves in rich furs. That was why Matilda wished to leave the ball in a hurry in order not to be noticed by the ladies.

14)How did Mme Loisel and her husband reach home from the ball?

Ans. When the party was over, it was around four o’clock in the morning. They found no carriage in the street. They started to walk along toward the river hopeless and shivering in cold. Finally, they found an old carriage that took them to their door.

15)When did Mme Loisel discover that the diamond necklace was lost?

Ans. They returned home from the ball at around four o’clock at dawn. Mme Loisel removed her wraps from her shoulders before the mirror for the final look at herself. Then she discovered that the diamond ring was not around her neck.

16)What were their apprehensions regarding the cause of the missing necklace?

Ans. After finding nowhere in the folds of the dress and in the pocket, they apprehended that the necklace might be lost in Minister’s house. But Matilda felt its presence in her neck in the ball. It might be fallen in the street when they were walking. But they did not hear anything about its falling. At last, they were quite sure that it must be left in the cab.

17)What did Mr Loisel do to find the lost diamond necklace?

Or. Why did Matilda’s husband go out into the cold night just after returning from the ball? Was he successful in his effort?

Ans. Mr Loisel went to find the necklace over the track where they walked on foot. He went to the police station and then to the cab office. He even advertised the lost chain in the newspaper and offered a reward but he did not find the necklace anywhere.

18)What did Mutilda’s husband ask her to write to Mme Forestier?

Or. What did they do to gain time for returning the lost diamond necklace?

Ans. When Mr Loisel lost all hopes of finding the diamond necklace, he asked his wife to write to Madame Forestier that she had broken the clasp of the necklace. She had sent the necklace for repairs. In this way, they would gain some time to replace it.

19)How did Mr Loisel replace the lost diamond necklace?

Or. How did Mr Loisel manage to buy another necklace?

Ans. They found exactly the same kind of diamond necklace in a shop in the Palais-Royal. It cost forty thousand francs but they would get it by thirty-six thousand. Mr Loisel possessed eighteen thousand francs from his father and the rest he would borrow from usurers and money lenders. In this way, they replaced the lost diamond necklace with a new one.

20)Why was Mms Loisel afraid when she came to return the necklace?

Ans. When Mms Loisel came to return the necklace, some unknown realization frightened her. She thought if Mme Forestier would perceive the substation. She would think of her as a thief.

21)How did they repay the debts?

Or. How did they spend a miserable ten years repaying the debts?

Or. How did restore everything?

Or. What changes came to their lifestyle after the loss of the necklace?

Ans. They toiled hard for ten years to pay the frightful debts. They sacrificed their all – savings, comforts and luxuries. Mme Loisel sent away their maid and did all the household chores. She used to haggle in the shop for saving little money. They changed their lodging and lived in a rented house in an attic. Her Husband had to work overnight. In this way, they repay their debts.

22)Why did Jeanne not recognise her friend?

Ans. Jeanne did not recognise her friend Matilda Loisel because she changed herself vigorously in those ten years. After suffering many hardships in life, she became an old, hard and crude woman in the poor household. Her hair was badly dressed, her skirts were awry, her hands became red and her tone was changed. She lost all her youthful charms.

23)What is the twist at the end of the story, ‘The Necklace’?

Ans. The necklace for which Loisels had to spend a miserable life for ten years to repay debts, was actually an artificial one. They assumed the necklace was made of genuine diamonds. They spent their savings and lent money to buy it for thirty-six thousand francs. But it would not be more than five hundred francs.

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