‘Footprints without Feet’ by H.G. Wells – Questions and Answers(S.A.Q.), Class 10, CBSE

1)Why were the two boys of London surprised and bewildered?

Ans. The two boys of London were surprised because they saw the fresh muddy imprints of pair of bare feet on the steps of the house. Certainly, these were the footprints of a man. But they did not find anyone. So, they were highly surprised and bewildered.

2)Who was the scientist mentioned in the story ‘Footprints without Feet’? What was his experiment?

Ans. The brilliant scientist mentioned in the story was Griffin.

His experiment was on how to make the human body invisible.

3)How did Griffin become successful in his experiment?

Ans. Griffin carried out a number of experiments to prove that the human body could become invisible. He invented some rare kinds of drugs that he swallowed. Then his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass. In this way, he became successful in his experiment.

4)How did Griffin become a homeless wanderer without clothes and money?

Ans. The landlord of Griffin did not like him. He wanted Griffin to expel from the house. So, to take revenge, he set fire to the house. He removed his clothes to remain unseen by others. In this way, he became a homeless wanderer without clothes and money.

5) ‘He had chosen a bad time of the year to wander about London without clothes.’ – Why was it a bad time for him?

Ans. It was a bad time for Griffin because the time was mid-winter. The air was bitterly cold and he could not tolerate it without clothes.

6)Why did Griffin enter a big London store?

Ans. Griffin entered a big London store to save himself from the cold. After setting fire to the house of his landlord, he was wandering about London streets without clothes. But the air was bitterly cold. So, he decided to slip into the store for warmth.

7)What did Griffin do entering the store?

Ans. After entering the store, Griffin broke open boxes and wrappers and put on warm clothes, shoes, an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat. After that, he ate cold meat and coffee in the kitchen of the restaurant and sweets and wine from the grocery store. Finally, he slept on a pile of quilts.

8)What happened when Griffin did not wake up on time inside the store? Or. Why did he find once more naked in the chill January air?

Ans. Griffin did not wake up on time after having a comfortable sleep under the warmth of quilts. The assistants of the store arrived. When Griffin saw them coming toward him, he was scared and began to run. The shop assistants run after him to catch him. He escaped from the store by taking off his new clothes. In this way, he found himself once more invisible and naked.

9)Why did Griffin hurry to Drury Lane?

Ans. When Griffin was chased out of the store, he escaped from there by taking off his clothes. To save himself from the chill January air, he hurried towards Drury Lane for clothes to wear.

10)What did Griffin do in a shop on Drury Lane?

Ans. Griffin entered a shop on Drury Lane. He dressed with bandages round his forehead, dark glass, false nose, side-whiskers and a large cap. Afterwards, he attacked the shopkeeper from behind and robbed him of all the money.

11)Where did Griffin take shelter after robbing a store in Drury Lane?

Ans. After robbing a store in Drury Lane, he took a train to the village of Iping where he booked two rooms in an inn.

12)Who was the landlady of the inn? What did Griffin tell her about the reason for his coming?

Ans. The landlady of the inn was Mrs Hall.

Griffin told Mrs Hall that he had come there to spend some time in solitude. That was why he did not want any disturbance in his work. He also added that an accident had affected his face.

13) ‘Shortly afterwards a curious episode occurred.’ – What was the curious episode? Or. What was the extraordinary affair according to the clergyman? Or. Describe the curious episode that happened to the clergyman.

Ans. One early morning Griffin entered a clergyman’s house for the purpose of stealing. The clergyman and his wife were awakened by the noise and twinkling sound of money in the study room. The clergyman silently opened the door with poker in his hand. But to his great amazement, he saw none. Yet they found the desk opened and the housekeeping money was missing. It was an extraordinary affair to the clergyman.

14)Why were the landlord and his wife surprised to see the scientist’s door wide open?

Ans. The landlord and his wife were surprised to see the scientist’s door wide open because it was usually shut and locked. The scientist was furious if anyone entered his room. He did not want any disturbance.

15)Why did Mrs Hall almost fall down the stairs in hysterics? Or. Why was Mrs Hall convinced that the room was haunted by spirits?

Ans. When Mrs Hall and her husband found the door open, they entered the room. Suddenly she heard a sniff close to her ear. The hat of the bedpost leapt up and dashed itself into her face. Then the bedroom chair came alive and pushed them both out of the room. So, Mrs Hall almost fell down the stairs in hysterics and was convinced that her room was haunted by spirits.

16)What did Griffin do after becoming furious?

Ans. Griffin was quick-tempered. When he became furious, he threw off his bandages, whiskers, spectacles and his nose. Within a minute he became headless that horrified the people in the bar.

17)Who was Mr Jaffers? What happened to him when he tried to catch the invisible man?

Ans. Mr Jaffers was a village constable who arrived to arrest the scientist.

Griffin removed his clothes one by one and became totally invisible. Mr Jaffers tried to catch him but found himself struggling with an invisible man. The people present there tried to help Jeffers but got hits and blows from nowhere. Finally, Mr Jaffers was knocked unconscious.

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