Previous Year Annual English Question – 2022, Class XI, WBCHSE

     ENGLISH-B (New Syllabus)

Total Time: 3 Hours 15 minutes [Full Marks: 80]

Special credit will be given for answers which are brief and to the point. Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad handwriting. Figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1×5=5]

a) At Sivasankar’s house Sidda was given –

i) three meals a day and four rupees a month (ii) three meals a day and two rupees a month (iii) two meals a day and three rupees a month (iv) two meals a day and four rupees a month.

b) Sir Mohan was struck flat on the face by –

(i) Bill (ii) the guard (iii) the coolie (iv) Jim.

c) The name of the detective in the story ‘Jimmy Valentine’ is –

 (i)Mike Dolan (ii)Ben Price (iii) Mr Adams (iv) None of them

d) Leela’s chain was finally discovered from –

(i) the pickle pot (ii) the utensil rack (iii) the tamarind pot (iv) the flower pot.

e) Jimmy slid back a panel in the wall and brought out

(i) a dust-covered briefcase (ii) a dust-covered suitcase (iii) a dust-covered purse  (iv) a dust-covered bag.

2. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each: [1× 5 = 5]

a) What did Sidda say when the ball thrown by him into the sky, came down?

b) “Nothing can make them confess”. – Who are referred to as ‘them’?

c) What did Sir Mohan’s mirror reflect?

d) When did Leela run to her bed?

e) How many years did Sir Mohan stay in England?

f) Whom did Jimmy plan to give his burglary tools to?

g) Where did Jimmy Valentine register his name as Ralph D Spencer?

h) “Lachmi chatted away merrily” – with whom did Lachmi chat away merrily?

i) How many letters of the alphabet did Leela know?

j) What new thing was put in Elmore Bank?             

3. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5×2=10]

a) “The inspector was furious …” – Who was the speaker? Why was the inspector furious’? What did the inspector inform? [1+2+2]

b) “I am only a native woman” – Give a short estimation of the speaker’s character in the light of the above comment. [5]

c) “That child – she can’t stand it long in there.”  – Who is referred to here? Why was she in danger? How was she saved? [1+2+2]

d) “That’s Dandy Jim Valentine’s autograph.” – Who said this and why? How did he come to such a conclusion? [1+2+2]

e) Briefly describe the train of Sir Mohan Lal’s thoughts as he sat waiting alone in his first-class compartment. [5]

4. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1×5=5]

a) The city wears the beauty of the morning like –

i) a necklace (ii) a temple (iii) a garment (iv) a tower.

b) In the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge” London’s view is –

(i) hazy (ii)foggy (iii) clear (iv)cloudy.

c) The length of the beach as mentioned in ‘Meeting at Night’ is –

(i) one kilometre (ii) one mile (iii) one meter (iv) three miles.

d) In the poem ‘Daybreak’, the wind called the forest to –

(i) cry out (ii) murmur (iii) lament (iv) shout.

e) The “blue spurt” in ‘Meeting at Night’ suggests the lover’s –

(i) angry mood (ii) hopeful spirit (iii) depressive attitude (iv) disgusting attitude.

5. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each: [1×5=5]

a) Whom does the poet call ‘dull’ in the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”?

b) What is referred to as ‘mighty heart’?

c) Where does the speaker tap in the poem “Meeting at Night”?

d) Which river is referred to in the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”?

e) How does the poet describe the sea and land in ‘Meeting at Night’?

f) “In fiery ringlets from their sleep” – Why are the ringlets described as ‘fiery’?

g) What is meant by leafy banners’ in the poem ‘Daybreak’?

h) What do you mean by ‘daybreak’?

i) What did the wind whisper to the fields of corn?

j) What did the wind urge the bell to do?

6. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5×2=10]

a) “The beauty of the morning; silent, bare” – What beauty does the poet refer to? Why is the beauty called ‘silent, bare’? [2+3]

b) How does Browning use images and symbols in the poem ‘Meeting at Night’? [5]

c) What does the speaker observe in the course of his journey to the farmhouse in the poem Meeting at Night’? What does he do as he reaches the farmhouse? [3+2]

d) What is personification? How has Wordsworth employed this figure of speech in the poem? [2 + 3]

e) How does the wind play the role of a messenger to activate the world for a day? [5]

7. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given (attempt any five): [1×5=5]

a) The Elder Antipholus lived at Ephesus for –

i) eighteen years (ii) twenty years (iii) five years (iv) two years.

b) The lady with whom married Antipholus dined, gave him –

(i) a ring (ii) a letter (iii) a book (iv) a gold chain.

c) When Macbeth and Banquo were returning from the great battle, there was –

(i) torrential rain  (ii) sunshine (iii) lightning and thunder (iv) darkness and mist.

d) Lady Macbeth could not kill Duncan because –

(i) Duncan resembled her father (ii) Macbeth did not allow her (iii) there were guards sitting at the door iv) she was weak and irresolute.

e) Who stole the handkerchief? –

(i) Cassio. (ii) lago (iii) Emilia, wife of lago (iv) Montano.

f)Desdemona was the daughter of –

i) lago ii) Brabantio iii) The Duke of Venice (iv) Cassio

g) Othello had promoted Cassio to the rank of –

(i) General  (ii) Duke (iii) Lieutenant (iv) Senator.

h) Banquo was –

(i) ambitious (ii) gentle but clever (iii) loyal (iv) honest but ambitious

i) Duncan visited –

(i) Banquo’s castle (ii) Macduff’s castle (iii) Malcolm’s castle (iv) Macbeth’s castle.

j) Sir Rowland de Boys’ elder son was

i) Orlando (ii) a wrestler (iii) Adam (iv) Oliver.

8. Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 100 words: [5×1=5]

a) What did Viola say to Olivia about her parentage? What showed Olivia that Viola was a gentleman? Why did Olivia send a diamond ring to Cesario? [2+1 +2]

b) What role do the witches play in ‘Macbeth’? [5]

c) Write a note on ‘Othello’ as a tragedy. [5]

d) Who was the banished Duke? How did he and his followers live in the forest of Arden? [1+ 4]

e) Who was Brabantio ? What were Brabantio’s allegations against Othello? What did he say after the Duke’s decision? [1+ 2+2]

9. A) Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing their meanings: [1×7=7]

i) Keep the ball rolling. (Change the voice)

ii) To our shame even our present-day art does not get any recognition in our country. (Change into a Complex sentence)

iii) He had been in jail half a dozen times. (Use ‘jail’ as a verb)

iv) How on earth did he get them? (Change into Assertive sentence)

v) The coolie said to Lady Lal, “Are you travelling alone sister?” (Change the mode of Narration)

vi) He could talk on almost any subject. (Change into Negative sentence)

vii) She was fond of little gossip and had no one to talk at home. (Split into two Simple sentences)

B) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions: [1/2×6=3]

Mohan Lal looked _____ himself ______ the mirror  _____ a First Class waiting room _____ the railway station _____  mirror was obviously made ______ India.

10. Write a paragraph in about 150-200 words on “Role of Smart Phones in the present-day”. [10]

[Hints: Introduction – role of print media- role of electronic media – role of social media – use and abuse of media – conclusion.]


Develop the following outline into a short story in about 150 to 200 words. Give your story a suitable title. [2+8]

The wheels of a cart sank into the mud – the carter whipped the bullocks in vain  – prayed to the God of strength for help –  the God appeared – asked him to put his shoulder to the wheel – the cart moved. 

11. Draft an advertisement for the classified columns of an English daily in not more than 50 words seeking faculties for Computer Training for a well-known Computer Training Centre in your locality. [5]


You want to sell an android phone. Draft an advertisement for the classified columns of an English daily in not more than 50 words giving details of the mobile set. [5]

12. A branded departmental store in your area is offering a 50% flat discount on all items till stocks last. Design a commercial leaflet for this. [5]


Design a commercial leaflet for a well-known institute of competitive studies that is extending a branch in your locality. [5]

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