Previous Year Annual English Question – 2016, Class XI, WBCHSE

     ENGLISH-B (New Syllabus)

Total Time: 3 Hours 15 minutes [Full Marks: 80]

Special credit will be given for answers which are brief and to the point. Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad handwriting. Figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) Sidda knows –

(a) the deity (b) the moon (c) the policeman(d) the thieves

(ii) The arrival of the train did not disturb Sir Moharr Lal’s –

(a) peace (b) understanding (c) sang-froid (d) conversation

 (iii) Mr Adams was a –

(a) detective (b) banker (c) hotel owner (d) teacher

 (iv) According to Mother Teresa, the first messenger of peace was the –

(a) little unborn child (b) malnourished child (c) abused child (d) violent child

(v) The absence of a sense of beauty cheats a man of –

(a) wealth (b) opportunities (c) aesthetic experience (d) livelihood

2. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence: [1 x 5 = 5]

(a) What is Mr Sivasanker’s first impression of Sidda?

 (b) How, according to Sidda, could Leela touch the sky?

 (c) What did Sir Mohan Lal’s mirror reveal?

 (d) In what language did Sir Mohan Lal speak?

 (e) What did Jimmy’s suitcase contain?

 (f) Why was the clerk impressed by Jimmy?

 (g) What is Mother Teresa’s point of view about drug addiction among young people?

 (h) What according to Mother Teresa, is the beginning of love?

 (i) What are the two aspects of art education?

 (j) How do educated men advertise their devotion to art?

3. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each : [5 x 2 = 10]

(a) ‘He looked at her mutely, like an animal.’-Who looked at and to whom? What was the situation when this occurred? [2+3=5]

 (b) Bring out the significance of the title ‘Karma’.

 (c) What new name did Jimmy Valentine assume at Elmore? What business did he open there? How did Jimmy fare at Elmore? [1+1+3]

 (d) In What ways does Mother Teresa appeal to the emotions of her audience? What stories does she share of her encounters with the poor in Kolkata? [2+3=5]

 (e) According to Nandalal Bose how can the aesthetic sensibilities of the students be increased?

4. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given : [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) ‘Upon Westminister Bridge’ is a –

(a) sonnet (b) ballad (c) ode (d) lyric

(ii) In ‘Meeting at Night’ the beach is –

(a) balmy (b) candy (c) dry (d) sea-scented

 (iii) The Rose’s joy is –

(a) aquamarine (b) scarlet (c) crimson (d) vermillion

 (iv) The poet of ‘Brotherhood’ is –

(a) dealt out (b) kept out (c) spelt out (d) cut out

 (v) Chanticleer will blow his

 (a) drum (b) pipe (c) guitar (d) clarion

5. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each: [1 x 5 = 5]

(a) What is the feeling that Wordsworth experiences which he has never experienced before?

(b) How does Wordsworth describe the air in the city?

(c) What does the speaker do immediately after he reaches the farmhouse in ‘Meeting at Night’?

(d) Where does the boat slow down?

(e) How has the storm been described in ‘The Sick Rose’?

(f) What has the worm found out?

(g) In ‘Brotherhood’, what does Octavio Paz mean by ‘Little do I last’?

(h) What do the stars write?

(i) What is the wind’s message to the forest in ‘Daybreak’?

(i) Why does the wind proclaim differently when it crosses the Churchyard?

6. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5 x 2 = 10]

(a) ‘Ne’er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!’ – What prompts the poet to say so?

 (b) Evaluate ‘Meetting at Night’ as a love poem.

 (c) Comment on the implications of the worm’s love destroying the rose’s life.

 (d) Bring out the significance of the title of ‘Brotherhood’.

 (e) Who takes the responsibility of announcing the breaking of the day? How is the feat achieved?

7. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) Antipholus Younger was a –

(a) Duke (b) Merchant (c) Soldier (d) Fisherman

(ii) The Elder Dromio’s wife was

(a) Poor (b) Rich (c) Dowsabel (d) Dolores

 (iii) Macduff was the Thane of –

(a) Cawdor (b) Ross (c) Fife (d) Glamis

(iv) The three unearthly creatures that met with Macbeth and Banquo were singing –

(a) Heave ho! (b) Fair is foul, and foul is fair (c) Hey and a ho and a hey nonnino (d) A vaunt

 (v) In describing Othello’s restlessness the drug’s that Shakespeare mentions as failing to bring him peace of mind are –

(a) Hasish and Poppy (b) Poppy and Mandragora (c) Hemp and Nightshade (d) Hemlock and Poppy

 (vi) Iago was –

(a) good at heart (b) learned (c) very religious  (d) crafty

(vii) The sharp teeth of the cold wind in winter is nothing, according to the Duke senior, compared to man’s –

(a) love (b) jealousy (c) unkindness and ingratitude (d) happiness

(viii) Oliver married –

(a) Alice (b) Celia (c) Rose (d) Rosalind

(ix) Olivia mistook Sebastian to be –

(a) Orsino (b) Charles (c) Cesario (d) Antonio

(x) In the song desired by Orsino the singer wants to be buried where –

(a) the flowers grow (b) the sad true lover may never find him (c) the grass is greenest (d) the birds sing

8. Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5 x 1 = 5]

(a) How did Othello overcome the fury of Brabantio after marrying Desdemona?

(b) Give a brief account of the ‘Banquet Scene’ in ‘Macbeth’.

(c) How did old Adam prove his loyalty towards his master?

 (d) What made Aegeon land at Ephesus? What danger did he face there?

 (e) How was the confusion of mistaken identity overcome in ‘Twelfth Night’?

9. (A) Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing their meanings: [1 x 7 = 7]

(i) ‘Are the trains very crowded on these lines?” Lady Lal asked. [Change the mode of narration]

(ii) He wouldn’t be allowed to sleep inside the house. [Change the voice]

(iii) She had to go back into the kitchen for a moment because she had left something in the oven. [Split into two simple sentences]

(iv) Ben Price knew Jimmy’s habits. [Change into a negative sentence]

(v) He was dismayed. The compartment was empty. [Join into a simple sentence]

(vi) I believe that we are not real social workers. [Rewrite the sentence using the noun form of ‘believe’]

vii) The mirror was obviously made in India. [Split into two simple sentences]

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions: [¹/₂ x6 =3]

The train steamed _______ , Lachmi found herself facing _____ almost empty inter-class zenana compartment next _____ the guard’s van, _____  the tail end _____ the train. The rest of _____ train was packed.

10. Write a paragraph in about 150-200 words on ‘The Internet: Its use and abuse’. [10]

[Hints: Information and entertainment – results  – e-mail – buying and selling – easy access to information – obscenity – cyber crimes]


Develop the following outline into a short story in about 150 to 200 words. Add a title to the story. [2+8=10]

The wheels of a cart sank into the mud – the carter whipped the bullocks in vain – prayed to God of Strength for help – the God appeared – asked him to put his shoulder to the wheel – the cart moved.

11. You want to buy a house in Santiniketan. Draft an advertisement for the classified columns of the English daily in not more than 50 words announcing the same with necessary details. [5]


An insurance company requires some agents. Insert an advertisement in the newspaper mentioning the required qualification in not more than 50 words. [5]

12. A reality show will be launched in your city. Prepare a commercial leaflet in not more than 50 words for the event mentioning the names of singers, dates, time, venue and rates of tickets. [5]


Prepare a commercial leaflet in not more than 50 words announcing the launch of a new food catering service. [5]

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