Previous Year Annual English Question – 2017, Class XI, WBCHSE

ENGLISH-B (New Syllabus)

Total Time: 3 Hours 15 minutes [Full Marks: 80]

Special credit will be given for answers which are brief and to the point. Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad handwriting. Figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1 Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) The mirror_________ back at Sir Mohan. –

(a) laughed  (b) mocked (c) smiled (d) replied

(ii) After his release from jail, Jimmy committed his second burglary at –

(a) Logansport  (b) Jefferson City (c) Richmond (d) Springfield

 (iii) Leela’s mother found the gold chain in the –

(a) turmeric pot (b) red chilli pot (c) black pepper pot (d) tamarind pot

 (iv) Ralph Spencer was –

(a) the phoenix that arose out of Jimmy Valentine’s ashes (b) the banker (c) an alibi (d) the petty thief

(v) According to Mother Teresa, we can be taught many beautiful things by the –

(a) children (b) professors (c) social workers (d) poor

2. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each: [1 x 5 = 5]

(a) What did Sir Mohan have in the buttonhole of his shirt?

 (b) How much did Lachmi pay the coolie?

 (c) Who had pardoned Jimmy Valentine?

 (d) What did Sidda do at Mr Sivasanker’s house?

 (e) What was Leela’s box filled with?

 (f) What was the name of the guard in the prison?

 (g) What is the utility of language?

 (h) What did Jimmy enjoy in the restaurant?

 (i) Who according to Mother Teresa are very great people?

 (j) Who cannot differentiate between a painting and a photograph?

3. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [2 x 5 = 5]

(a) Sketch the character of Sir Mohan Lal.

(b) According to Nandalal Bose how does the absence of a sense of beauty affect society?

(c) Narrate the experience Mother Teresa had when there was great difficulty in getting sugar.

(d) What did Jimmy Valentine do from the time he got out of jail till he met Mike Dolan?

(e ) “You are a bit of all right, old chap.”-Who is the speaker? Who has been referred to as ‘old chap’? What picture of the person’s character here, spoken to is revealed in this line? [1+1+3]

4. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) “Meeting at Night” is –

(a) a love poem (b) an adventure poem (c) a war poem (d) a religious poem.

(ii) How does Blake present the worm? –

(a) as evil (b) as dark and turbulent (c) as a passionate lover (d) as a pest

(iii) In the beginning man sees himself in this vast universe as

(a) godly (b) dominating (c) insignificant (d) huge

(iv) The wind blows in from –

(a) the sea  (b) the mists (c) the seashore (d) the ships on the sea

(v) The wind told the churchyard to –

(a) rise (b) rise quietly (c) lie quietly (d) shout

5. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each: [1 x 5 = 5]

(a) When did the poet view the city?

(b) What garments did the city wear?

(c) What colour is the rose’s joy?

(d) How does the poet express the magnitude of the night in ‘Brotherhood’?

(e) What does the poet of ‘Brotherhood’ see when he looks up?

(f) Where did the wind hurry to in ‘Daybreak’?

(g) What did the wind ask the wood-bird to do?

(h) ‘Dear God!’ -What feeling does the expression convey?

(i) Who, according to Octavio Paz, writes the destiny of the man?

(j) During what time of the day does the worm fly?

6. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5 x 2 = 10]

(a) ‘Earth has not anything to show more fair’ –What prompts the poet to say so?

(b) Give an account of the lover’s journey to his beloved in ‘Meeting at Night’.

(c) Bring out the central idea of the poem ‘Brotherhood’.

(d) Justify the title of the poem ‘Daybreak’.

(e) What is the allegorical significance of the poem ‘The Sick Rose’?

7. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given (attempt any five): [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) “I am like a drop of water in the ocean.” –Who said this? –

(a) Elder Antipholus (b) Antipholus Younger (c) Elder Dromio (d) Dromio Younger.

(ii) The offence committed by Antonio for which he was arrested was –

(a) he had killed the Duke’s nephew (b) he had killed the Duke (c) he had injured the Duke’s nephew (d) he had injured the Duke.

(iii) Who accompanied Orlando when he escaped? –

(a) Oliver (b) Frederick (c) Adam (d) Rosalind.

(iv) As Duke Frederick entered the forest he met a –

(a) dacoit  (b) fairy (c) hermit (d) clown.

(v) Macbeth was saluted as the ‘thane of Glamis’ by –

(a) Banquo (b) the first witch (c) the second witch (d) the third witch.

(vi) Othello accused Desdemona of being –

(a) jealous (b) selfish (c) suspicious (d) unfaithful.

(vii) Viola, in the disguise of a boy, took the name –

(a) Antonio (b) Oberon (c) Cesario (d) Sebastian.

(viii) The name of Macbeth’s castle was –

(a) Dunsinan (b) Inverness (c) Invernes (d) Birnam.

(ix) Othello’s first gift to Desdemona was a –

(a) fan (b) gown (c) book (d) handkerchief.

(x) Macbeth was killed by

(a) Malcolm  (b) Donalbin (c) Macduff (d) Banquo.

8 Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5 x 1 = 5]

(a) How did Rosalind win Orlando’s heart?

(b) Bring out the significance of the opening scene of ‘Macbeth’.

(c) Why did Othello decide to kill Desdemona and himself?

 (d) Why did Lady Macbeth plot to kill the king? What did Macbeth say to oppose her? [2+3]

(e) What information given by the Captain consoled Viola? What plan did Viola think of to reach the Duke? How did the Captain help her in this? [1+1+3]

9. (a) Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing their meaning: [1 ×7=7]

(i) ‘No, he hasn’t taken it!’ Leela screamed. [Change the narration]

(ii) Fine art liberates our minds. [Change the voice]

(iii) They are hurt because they are forgotten. [Split into two simple sentences]

(iv) And then Ben Price acted rather strangely. [Rewrite using the adjective form of ‘strangely’]

(v) As soon as he had gone, she hailed a passing railway coolie. [Change into a negative sentence]

(vi) He stopped near the well and pointed down. [Change into a simple sentence]

(vii) It will be wrong on our part to expect. [Change into a negative sentence]

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions: [¹/₂ x6 =3]

Four days _____ just as Father coming home _____ the office, _____ police inspector and _____  Constable _____ brought Sidda. Siddha stood _____ bowed head.

10. Write a paragraph in about 150-200 words on ‘Friendship’. [10]

[Hints: A bond among persons – need of friendship – choice of friends – things that help friendship exist.]


Develop the following outline into a short story in about 150 to 200 words. Give your story a suitable title. [2+8=10]

[Three artists compete for a prize – the first paints a bunch of flowers – bees are drawn to it – the second paints fruits and an ox tries to eat them – the third a curtain and the judge goes to lift it – the third wins the contest.]

11. You want to conduct cookery classes. Draft an advertisement for the classified columns of an English daily in not more than 50 words announcing the same with necessary details.[5]


A reputed language training centre begins its 6 months Spanish course. Insert an advertisement in the newspaper mentioning the necessary details in not more than 50 words. [5]

12. Prepare a commercial leaflet in not more than 50 words for a car showroom opening shortly in your area. [5]


The reduction sale of Bata is going to begin in a fair-cum-exhibition taking place at Park Circus Maidan, Kolkata. Write a leaflet for the customers. [5]

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