Previous Year Annual English Question – 2018, Class XI, WBCHSE

ENGLISH-B (New Syllabus)

Total Time: 3 Hours 15 minutes [Full Marks: 80]

Special credit will be given for answers which are brief and to the point. Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad handwriting. Figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) The newspaper that Sir Mohan was reading was –

(a) The Sunday Times (b) The Times of India (c) The Times (d) Modern Times

(ii) The number Jimmy got in the jail was –

(a) 9627 (b) 9276 (c) 9762 (d) 9726

(iii) According to Mother Teresa, ‘Smile is the  beginning of…’ –

 (a) peace (b) comfort (c) satisfaction (d) love

(iv) Fine art liberates our mind from –

(a) joy and grief (b) professionalism (c) materialism (d) sorrows and conflicts

(v) The words ‘get the nigger out’ suggest –

(a) a sense of irony (b) a sense of farce (c) a sense of humour (d) a sense of tragedy

2. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each: [1 x 5 = 5]

(a) Whom did Sir Mohan meet in the compartment of the train?

(b) In which hotel did Jimmy engage a room in Elmore?

(c) What did Leela ask Sidda to draw?

(d) What is the utility of language?

(e) How was Sir Mohan’s moustache?

(f) What did Mother Teresa desire to do with the Nobel Prize money?

(g) On grounds of utility, what do the educated use in place of ‘(elegant) earthen pitchers’?

(h) Who asked Sidda to throw the ball into the sky?

(i) What was Mr Sivasanker brooding over, standing in the verandah of his house?

(j) What, according to Nandalal Bose, has our country’s economic decline followed closely?

3.  Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5 x 2 = 10]

(a) According to Nandalal Bose, how are beauty and aesthetics connected to a person’s physical and mental well-being? Explain with an example from the text.

(b) ‘In any case, we couldn’t have kept a criminal like him in the house’.

Who is the speaker? Who is the ‘criminal’ referred to here? What led the speaker to such a comment? [1 +1+3]

(c) ‘The frightened child unharmed, fell into her mother’s arms’

Who was the child referred to here? Why was the child frightened? How did the child fall into her mother’s arms unharmed? [1+1+3]

(d) What did Jimmy write to his old friend in St. Louis? Why did he write so? [3+2]

(e) Give a brief description of the appearance of Lady Lal.

4. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given: [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) The sight that Wordsworth saw appeared to him as –

(a) mysterious (b) magical (c) menacing (d) majestic

 (ii) The length of the sea-scented beach is –

(a) half a mile (b) one mile (c) two miles (d) three miles

(iii) In the poem ‘The Sick Rose’, the poet addresses the –

(a) rose (b) worm (c) storm (d) night

(iv) The colour of the half-moon is –

(a) grey (b) black (c) pink (d) yellow

(v) In the poem ‘Daybreak’, the wind crossed the churchyard with a –

(a) smile (b) shout (c) cry (d) sigh

5. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each: [1 x 5 = 5]

(a) When does the worm fly?

(b) How is the night in ‘Brotherhood’?

(c) ‘Unknowing I understand’-What does the poet understand?

(d) What destroys the life of the rose?

(e) Which city, according to Wordsworth, is the fairest one?

(f) What is the colour of the sea in ‘Meeting at Night’?

(g) How does Browning describe the half-moon?

(h) Who announces daybreak in the poem ‘Daybreak’?

(i) How does Wordsworth describe the beauty of the morning?

(j) What does the phrase ‘not yet! in quiet lie’ suggest?

6. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each: [5 x 2 = 10]

(a) Justify the title of the poem ‘Meeting at Night’.

(b) Narrate the wind’s activities as presented in the poem ‘Daybreak’.

(c) Bring out the central idea of the poem “The Sick Rose’.

(d) How does the poet look upon the sun in ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’? What is so deep and why? [2+1+2]

(e) Give the significance of the line ‘unknowing I understand’ in ‘Brotherhood’.

7. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given (attempt any five): [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) Viola mourned the loss of her –

(a) ship(b) brother (c) valuables (d) relatives

(ii) Rosalind and Celia went to the Forest of Arden –

(a) in a carriage (b) in disguise (c) with an army (d) on horseback

(iii) Olivia married –

(a) Orsino (b) Sebastian (c) Cesario (d) Antonio.

(iv) The Elder Antipholus lived at Ephesus for –

(a) twenty years (b) eighteen years (c) five years (d) two years

(v) Malcolm and Donalbain were the sons of –

(a) Macduff (b) Banquo (c) The Thane of Cawdor (d) Duncan

(vi) The place of the shipwreck was the coast of –

(a) English Channel (b) Illyria (c) Pacific Ocean (d) Atlantic Ocean

(vii) The witches looked like –

(a) charming ladies (b) mad creatures (c) unearthly creatures (d) queens

(viii) As ransom of his life Aegeon was demanded of –

(a) one hundred marks (b) one thousand marks (c) all his belongings (d) five thousand marks

(ix) The Turks had prepared to invade –

(a) Cyprus (b) Africa (c) France (d) Venice

(x) Othello had promoted Cassio to the rank of

(a) General (b) Duke (c) Lieutenant (d) Senator

8 Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 100 words: [5 x 1 = 5]

(a) Bring out the significance of the opening scene of Macbeth.

(b) How did Aegeon find out all his family members?

(c) Sketch the character of Lady Macbeth.

(d) Who was Olivia? What saddened her? Why did she not allow any visitors? [1+1+3]

 (e) What led Desdemona to marry Othello?

9. (a) Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing their meaning: [1 × 7 = 7]

(i) As soon as he had gone, she hailed a passing railway coolie. [Change into a negative sentence]

(ii) ‘Now, Valentine,’ said the warden, ‘you’ll go out in the morning.’ [Change the mode of narration]

(iii) Leela’s face became red. [Rewrite using the verb form of ‘red’]

(iv) Earth has not anything to show more fair. [Change into interrogative sentence]

(v) The poor people are very great people. They can teach us many beautiful things. [Join the sentences with a relative clause]

(vi) The mirror was obviously made in India. [Rewrite the sentence using the adjective form of obviously.]

(vii) He set his suitcase on the table and opened it out flat. [Split into two simple sentences]

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions: [¹/₂ x6 =3]

He tossed _____ quarter _____ the hat _____  _____ blind man sitting _____  _____ door, and boarded his train.

10. Write a paragraph in about 150-200 words on ‘The Achievements of Indian Women in Sports’. [10]

[Hints: Introduction – Various sports and famous Indian sportswomen – (P. T. Usha, Mary Kom, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal etc.) – Recent performance of the Women’s Cricket Team in the World Cup – Sports as a career for women – Women empowerment – Pride of India – Conclusion]


Develop the following outline into a short story in about 150 to 200 words. Add a title to the story. [2+8=10]

[Three thieves steal a purse of gold – agree to divide the gold among themselves – one of them goes to buy food – puts poison in the food – meanwhile, the other two decide to kill him – he is killed on his return – the poisoned food eaten by the other two.]

11. You want to provide accommodation to paying guests in your house. Draft an advertisement for the classified columns of an English daily in not more than 50 words giving details of the accommodation. [5]


A reputed theatre group wants to conduct a short-term theatre workshop for beginners. Insert an advertisement in the newspaper mentioning the required information in not more than 50 words. [5]

12. Prepare a commercial leaflet in not more than 50 words for a unisex multi-gym and yoga institute opening in your area. Mention the different offers available for half-yearly and annual membership schemes. [5]


Design a commercial leaflet in not more than 50 words for a newly opened multi-cuisine restaurant in the Park Circus area.

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