Prose– M.C.Q. from the previous year Annual Exams, class 11, WBCHSE

                           LEELA’S FRIEND (M.C.Q.)    

1)Leela keenly examined the ball for traces of –

      a) dust                  b) cloud

      c) moon                d) stars    [Annual Exam. – 2014]

Ans. [c] moon.

2) Leela lost her –     

      a) doll                          b) diamond necklace

      c) ear ring                   d) gold chain   [Annual Exam. – 2015]

Ans. [d] gold chain.

3)Siddaa knows –

      a) the deity                 b) the moon

      c) the policeman       d) the thieves   [Annual Exam. – 2016]

Ans. [b] the moon.

4)Leela’s mother found the gold chain in the –

      a) turmeric pot         b) red chilli pot 

      c) black paper pot     c) tamarind pot    [Annual Exam. – 2017]

Ans. [d] tamarind pot.

5) Leela knew –

a) all the letters               b) none of the letters  

      c) 10 or 12 letters     d) 2 or 3 letters        [Annual Exam. – 2019]

Ans. [d] 2 or 3 letters.

6)When Leela’s mother noticed that Leela’s gold chain was missing, it was –

      a) morning                   b) evening    

      c) afternoon                d) noon         [Annual Exam. – 2020]

Ans. [b] evening.

7) At Sivasankar’s house Sidda was given –

I) three meals a day and four rupees a month

ii) three meals a day and two rupees a month

iii) two meals a day and three rupees a month

iv) two meals a day and four rupees a month [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (iv) two meals a day and four rupees a month.

8) Leela’s chain was finally discovered from –

I) the pickle pot ii) the utensils rack

iii) the tamarind pot iv) the flower pot [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (iii) the tamarind pot.

                           KARMA (M.C.Q.)

9)The interclass zenana compartment was –

      a) next to the guard’s van     b)just after the ingine

      c) at the tail end of the train d) in the middle of the train [Annual Exam. – 2014]

Ans. [c] at the tail end of the train.

10)Lachmi stopped by the hawker’s stall to buy –

      a) chapatti          b) Pan Parag

      c) Betel leaves   d) Mango pickle [Annual Exam. – 2015]

Ans. [c] Betel Leaves.

11)The arrival of the train did not disturb Sir Mohan Lal’s –

      a) peace               b) understanding 

      c) sangfroid         d) conversation. [Annual Exam. – 2016]

Ans. [c] sangfroid.

12)The mirror…. back at Sir Mohan –

      a) laughed             b) mocked  

      c) smiled                 d) replied  [Annual Exam. – 2017]

Ans. [c] smiled.

13)The newspaper that Sir Mohan was reading was –

      a) The Sunday Times      b) The Times of India  

      c) The Times                   d) Modern Times [Annual Exam. – 2018]

Ans. [c] The Times.

14)What type of woman is Lachmi?

      a) traditional             b) selfish  

      c) dogmatic              d) aristocrat   [Annual Exam. – 2019]

Ans. [a] tradional.

15)Sir Mohan’s tie was special because –

      a) it was a gift from his wife.

      b) it was gifted by a British soldier

      c) it consisted of the national emblem of India

      d) it bore the emblem of the Balliol College of Oxford University. [Annual Exam. – 2020]

Ans. [d] it bore the emblem of the Balliol College of Oxford University.

16) Sir Mohan was struck flat on the face by –

I) Bill ii) the guard

iii) the coolie iv) Jim [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (iv) Jim.

                   JIMMY  VALENTINE (M.C.Q.)

17)Jimmy got his pardon from the –

      a) President              b) Governor

      c) Warden                  d) Jailor     [Annual Exam. – 2014]

Ans. [b] Governor.

18)The number Jimmy got in the jail was –

      a) 9627                  b) 9267   

      c) 9762                  d) 9726      [Annual Exam. – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [c] 9762.

19)Mr. Adams was a –

      a) detective                 b) banker   

      c) hotel owner            d) teacher   [Annual Exam. – 2016]

Ans. [b] banker.

20)Ralph Spencer was –

      a) the phoenix that arose out of Jimmy valentine’s ashes

      b) the banker     c) an alibi      d) the petty thief  [Annual Exam. – 2017]

Ans. [a] the phoenix that arose out of Jimmy valentine’s ashes.

21)After his release from jail, Jimmy committed his second burglary at –

      a) Logansport        b) Jefferson City

      c) Richmond           d) Springfield [Annual Exam. – 2017]

Ans. [a] Logansport.

22)Jimmy decided to buy wedding suit from –

      a) Elmore               b) Richmond Abbey

      c) Little Rock          d) Springfield  [Annual Exam. – 2019]

Ans. [c] Little Rock.

23)After marriage jimmy wanted to go –

      a) North             b) South    

      c) East                d) West   [Annual Exam. – 2020]

Ans. [d] West.

24) The name of the detective in the story ‘Jimmy Valentine’ is –

I) Mike Dolan ii) Ben Price

iii) Mr Adams iv) none of them [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (ii) Ben Price.

25) Jimmy slid back a panel in the wall and brought out –

I) a dust covered briefcase ii) a dust covered suitcase

iii) a dust covered purse iv) a dust covered bag [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (ii) a dust covered suitcase.

                      NOBEL  LECTURE (M.C.Q.)

26)Mother Teresa began her Nobel Lecture with the prayer of –

      a) St. John                        b) the Bible  

      c) St. Francis of Assisi    d) the Gospel   [Annual Exam. – 2014, 2020]

Ans. [c] St. Francis of Assisi.

27)According to Mother Teresa, the greatest destroyer of peace today is –

      a) abortion              b) divorce

      c) drug addiction     d) war         [Annual Exam. – 2015]

Ans. [a] abortion.

28) According to Mother Teresa, the first messenger of peace was the –

      a) little unborn child     b) malnourished child 

      c) abused child              d) violent child          [Annual Exam. – 2016]

Ans. [a] little unborn child.

29)According to Mother Teresa, we can be taught many beautiful things by the –

      a) children                  b) professors 

      c) social workers       d) poor.        [Annual Exam. – 2017]

Ans. [d] poor.

30)According to Mother Teresa, ‘Smile is the beginning of ………’ –

      a) peace              b) comfort   

      c) satisfaction     d) love [Annual Exam. – 2018]

Ans. [d] love.

31)The unborn child of Elizabeth –

      a) was the first messenger of peace  b) was Jesus

      c) recognized the Prince of England  d) was hater of mankind [Annual Exam. – 2019]

Ans. [a] was the first messenger of peace.


32)According to Nandalal Bose, the vitality of art lies in its –

      a) status value          b) sense of beauty and order

      c) money value         d) face value      [Annual Exam. – 2014]

Ans. [b] sense of beauty and order.

33) Fine art liberates our mind from –

      a) joy and grief            b) professionalism  

      b) materialism             d) sorrows and conflicts  [Annual Exam. – 2015, 2018]

Ans. [d] sorrows and conflicts.

34)The absence of sense of beauty cheats a man –

      a) wealth                            b) opportunities    

      c) aesthetic experience   d) livelihood    [Annual Exam. – 2016]

Ans. [c] aesthetic experience.

35)A student, having no sense of beauty, keeps paper flowers in –

      a) earthen pots               b) tea cups  

      c) flower vases                d) used cocoa tins     [Annual Exam. – 2019]

Ans. [d] used cocoa tins.

36)The two sides of ‘Art’ are –

      a) painting and sculpture  b)fine arts and functional arts

      c) sculpture and fine arts  d) painting and fine arts [Annual Exam. – 2020]

Ans. [b] fine arts and functional arts.

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