Poetry – M.C.Q. from the previous year Annual Exams, class 11, WBCHSE

                 Upon Westminster Bridge (M.C.Q.)

1)The person who passes without enjoying the beauty of the in the morning is –

a) dull                    b) innovative

c) imaginative      d) busy   [Annual Exam = 2014]

Ans. [a] dull.

2) In ‘Upon West Minster Bridge’, the  poet views the city –

a) in the morning         b) at noon

c) in the evening          d) at night [Annual Exam = 2015, 2019]

Ans. [a] in the morning.

3) ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’ is a –

a) sonnet                 b) ballad

c) ode                      d) lyric  [Annual Exam =2016]

Ans. [a] sonnet.

4) The sight that Wordsworth saw appeared to him as –

a) mysterious          b) magical  

c) menacing            d) majestic [Annual Exam = 2018]

Ans. [d] majestic.

5) Early morning the air of London is –

a) foggy          b) full of smoke

c) polluted     d) smokeless  [Annual Exam = 2020]

Ans. [d] smokeless.

6) The city wears the beauty of the morning like –

I) a necklace ii) a temple

iii) a garment iv) a tower [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (iii) garment.

7) In the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’ London’s view is –

I) hazy ii) foggy

iii) clear iv) cloudy [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (iii) clear.

           Meeting at night (M.C.Q.)

8) ‘Meeting at Night’ is –

a) a love poem       b) an adventure poem

c) a war poem        d) a religious poem [Annual Exam = 2014, 2017]

Ans. [a] a love poem.

9) The spurt of a lighted match, as described in ‘Meeting at Night’ is –

a) grey             b) black 

c) blue             d) yellow [Annual Exam = 2015]

Ans. [c] blue.   

10) In ‘Meeting at Night’ the beach –

a) balmy         b) candy    

c) dry              d) sea-scented [Annual Exam = 2016]

Ans. [d] sea-scented.

11) The length of the sea-scented beach is –

a) half a mile        b) one mile  

c) two miles         d) three miles [Annual Exam = 2018]

Ans. [b] one mile.

12) The ‘Yellow light’ is the poet’s –

a) friend            b) enemy   

c) companion   d) guiding light for destination [Annual Exam = 2019]

Ans. [d]guiding light for destination.

13) To announces his presence the lover –

a) taps on the pane      b) clears his throat

c) lights the matches   c) whispers [Annual Exam = 2020]

Ans. [a] taps the pane.

14) The length of the beach as mentioned in ‘Meeting at Night’ is –

I) one kilometer ii) one mile

iii) one meter iv) three miles [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (ii) one mile.

15) The ‘blue spurt’ in ‘Meeting at Night’ suggests the lover’s –

I) angry mood ii) hopeful spirit

iii) depressive attitude iv) disgusting attitude [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (ii) hopeful spirit.

                   Daybreak (M.C.Q.)

16) In the poem ‘Daybreak’, the wind asked chanticleer to –

a) snail         b) sleep  

c) sing         d) blow clarion call [Annual Exam = 2014]

Ans. [d] to blow clarion call.

17) In the poem ‘Daybreak’ the wind crossed the churchyard with a –

a) smile        b) shout   

c) cry            d) sigh    [Annual Exam = 2015, 2018]                                   

Ans. [d] sigh.

18) Chanticleer will blow his –

a) drum             b) pipe  

c) guiter            d) clarion  [Annual Exam = 2016]

Ans. [d] clarion.

19) The wind told the churchyard to –

a) rise               b) rise quietly  

c) lie quietly    d) shout   [Annual Exam = 2017]

Ans. [c] lie quietly.

20) The wind blows in from –

a) the sea             b) the mists

c) the seashore   d) the ships on the sea [Annual Exam = 2017]

Ans. [a] the sea.

21) In the poem ‘Daybreak’, the wind whispers to –

a) the rain                    b) the dead

c) the fields of corn   d) the belfry –tower. [Annual Exam = 2019]

Ans. [c] the fields of corn.

22) The wind blows in from –

a) the ships on the sea  b) the sea

c) the land                      d) the mountains [Annual Exam = 2020]

Ans. [b] the sea.

23) In the poem ‘Daybreak’, the wind called the forest to –

I) cry out ii) murmur

iii) lament iv) shout [Annual Exam. – 2022]

Ans. (iv) shout.

    Brotherhood : Homage to Claudius Ptolemy (M.C.Q.)

24) What do the star write? –

a) the magnitude of the galaxy

b) every human beings place in the world

c) the insignificance of the human being

d) the immortality of the god [Annual Exam = 2014]

Ans. [b] every human beings place in the world.

25) The poet in the poem ‘Brotherhood’ feels that the night is –

a) small           b) enormous

c) very small  d) short  [Annual Exam = 2015]

Ans. [b] enormous.

26) The poet of ‘Brotherhood’ is –

a) dealt out        b) kept out  

c) spelt out       d) cut out  [Annual Exam = 2016]

Ans. [c] spelt out.

27) In the beginning man sees himself in this vast universe as –

a) godly             b) dominating  

c) insignificant  d) huge [Annual Exam = 2017]

Ans. [c] insignificant.

28) In the poem ‘Brotherhood’ the night is –

a) enormous       b) dark 

c) short                d) silent [Annual Exam = 2019]                

Ans. [a] enormous.

29) In the poem ‘Brotherhood’, the poet’s fate is written by –

a) the moon     b) the night  

c) Claudius       d) the stars [Annual Exam = 2020]

Ans. [d] the stars

     The Sick Rose (M.C.Q.)     

30) To the rose the worm is –

a) visible           b) loving

c) invisible        d) noble [Annual Exam = 2014]

Ans. [c] invisible.

31) The invisible worm flies in the –

a) afternoon       b) morning   

c) evening           d) night  [Annual Exam = 2015]

Ans. [d] night.

32) The rose’s joy is –

a) aquamarine      b) scarlet 

c) crimson             d) night [Annual Exam = 2016]

Ans. [c] crimson.

33) How does Blake present the worm? –

a) as evil        b) as dark and turbulent

c) as a passionate lover       c) as a pet [Annual Exam = 2017]

Ans. [b] as dark and turbulent.

34) In the poem  ‘The Sick Rose’, the poet addresses the –

a) worm      b) storm 

c) rose         d) night [Annual Exam = 2018]

Ans. [c] rose.

35) ‘Dark in the poem ‘The Sick Rose’, stands for –

a) innocence      b) experience

c) natural            d) unnatural [Annual Exam = 2019]

Ans. [b]experience.

36) To the rose the worm is –

a) adorable      b) deceitful 

c) loving            d) invisible [Annual Exam = 2020]

Ans. [d] invisible.

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