Processing: Preparation of Orange Juice

Use the following flow chart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how to prepare orange juice:

[Oranges brought from the market – sorted – rotten ones removed – cleaned – peeled – put in a juicer – juice extracted – sugar and preservatives added – poured in bottles – sealed ready to be sold.]

Ans. Preparation of Orange Juice

Orange juice is a healthy and delicious drink. The process of manufacturing orange juice passes through the following stages. At first, oranges are bought from the market. Then they are sorted and rotten ones are removed. The good ones are cleaned and peeled. After that They are crushed in the juicer and juice is extracted. Thereafter sugar and preservatives are added for flavour and long-lasting. Now the juice is poured into sterilised bottles. Finally, the bottles are sealed and are ready to be sold.

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