Dialogue:  Ban of Wild Animals in the Circus

Write a dialogue within 100 words on the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions as circus attractions:

Hints: wild animals decreasing – ill-treatment to animals in circuses – a criminal offence – laws against such – need to be human to animals.

Ans. Ban of Wild Animals in the Circus

Anish:  Hi, Suvodip, How are you?

 Suvodip: I am fine and you?

Anish: I am so so. Why didn’t you come to school yesterday?

Suvodip: My father took us to Circus.

Anish:   How did you enjoy it there?

Suvodip: Great! But I felt sorry for the poor condition of the wild animals.

Anish: What happened?

Suvodip: I think they are not well fed and their physical hygiene is not also maintained. They became feeble.

Anish: You mean they are ill-treated and tortured by the circus party?

Suvodip: Obviously. You must know that the number of wild animals is decreasing day by day. And they are oppressing them.

Anish: It is a criminal offence. Laws should be imposed upon the offenders. And the use of wild animals should be banned in the circus immediately.

Suvodip: You are correct. We should be humane to them. Ok bye. I’m going to a shop.

Anish: Bye.                                                                

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