Letter to the Headmaster seeking leave of two days to attend the marriage ceremony of your sister.

Write a letter within 100 words to the Headmaster/Headmistress of your school seeking leave of two days for the purpose of attending the marriage ceremony of your elder sister

Ans. To

The Headmaster,

Beliatore High School,

Beliatore, Bankura,

                Sub: Prayer for leave of absence

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I beg to state that I would not be able to attend school for two days from 20.10.2022 to 21.10.2022. The marriage ceremony of my elder sister is taking place on 20.10.22. I will be very busy on those days to attend the ceremony.

I would be highly obliged if you could kindly accept my prayer for leave.

Thanking you.

                               Yours obediently,

                              Arijit Sharma

                       ( Class IX, Sec – A, Roll – 2)

Date – 18.10.22

Place – Beliatore, Bankura

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