Newspaper report: on a Road Accident

Write a newspaper report on a road accident within 100 words. Use the following hints:

[brake failure of a bus – collided with a truck – 5 injured including a child and a woman – injured sent to hospital – released with first aid – traffic disrupted – police intervened – normalcy restored]


-by a staff reporter

Burdwan, Oct 11: A bus accident took place around 8 am today near Pulsit on the NH-2 when a Durgapur-bound SBSTC bus collided with a truck. No death case was still reported. But five persons were injured including a child and a woman. They were rushed to the Burdwan Medical College with the help of local people. They were released with first aid. It is supposed that the accident occurred due to a brake failure. The accident caused congestion of inquisitive people. The traffic system was disrupted for an hour. However, the highway patrolling police intervened and normalcy was restored by their prompt action.

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