Letter to your brother advising him to be kind to animals.

Write a letter in about eighty words to your younger brother advising him to be kind to animals.


My dear Rajesh,

[Your address]

Mother sent me a letter with lots of grievances. She told me what nonsense you and your friends are doing with the poor animals. Why did you beat the cow so hard? Don’t you know she is a milking cow? She has two little calves. What you have done is an act of a coward. We worship them as God. Beating and abusing any animals is a crime. On the night of Kali puja, you also did a wicked thing by tying a cracker to the tail of a dog and making fun with your friends. Shame on you. They are a great help to mankind. And you are inflicting pain on them. Be a good human being and love the animals.

Next time when Mother will write to me, I want to hear only praise of you. No more today. More when we meet.

your loving brother,

[Your brother’s address]

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