Letter to a hostel-living friend encouraging him to cope with the loneliness

Suppose your friend, who lives in a hostel, is missing his/her friends and family. He/She is feeling very lonely and sad. Write a letter inspiring him/her to cope with his/her present situation.


My dear Arup, (Your address)

I received your letter yesterday. I came to know that you have been feeling quite disappointed in your hostel. It happens when someone moves to a new place. Indeed, it is pretty challenging to live all alone without friends and relatives in a new environment. But I am sure that you will cope with the present situation. You are alone it means no one to disturb you. you should utilize the time. So, don’t feel sad and lonely. Get prepared for the final examination. Don’t be upset. Cheer up and make new friends. I will write to you often.

No more today. Hope, you will get new friends there. More when we meet.

Your loving friend,/Somnath

(Your friend’s address)

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