‘Twelfth Night’ – Questions and Answers (L.A.Q.), Class 11, WBCHSE

1)What information given by the captain consoled Viola? What plan did Viola think of to reach the Duke? How did the captain help her in this? [1+1+3 = 5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 =2017]

Ans. The captain informed Viola that he had seen Sebastian during the tempest. Sebastian had fastened himself to a strong mast and managed to remain above the water.

Viola thought she would serve Duke Orsino as a page in a man’s camouflage.

The captain helped Viola to settle down in a foreign country. He gave detailed information about Illyria and about Duke Orsino. He provided her suitable dress for disguising herself as a boy. Like a good friend, he helped Viola to present in the court in the disguise of a boy, Cesario.

2)Who was Olivia? What saddened her? Why did she not allow any visitors? [1+1+3 =5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 =2015, 2018]

Ans. Olivia was a virtuous lady, the daughter of a Count. She was loved by Orsino but she abjured the sight and company of men.

The death of Olivia’s father a year ago and shortly after her dear brother’s death saddened her.

Olivia lost her father a year ago. She was also left behind for the protection of her dear brother who also died shortly. She was so grief-stricken that she had decided to abjure the sight and company of men. That was why she did not allow any visitors.

3)Why did Duke Orsino send Viola to Orsino? What was Olivia’s reply? [2+3 = 5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2014]

Ans. Duke Orsino had sent a gentleman to propose to Viola but he was not allowed to meet her. As Viola knew all the secrets of his heart, she could unfold the passion of his love properly. That was why Orsino sent Viola to Olivia.

After much persistence, Viola was allowed to meet with Olivia. Viola told Olivia how deeply Orsino loved her. He loved her with adoration and with tears and sighs of fire. Olivia acknowledged that Orsino was a virtuous, learned, courteous, valiant and spotless youth. Yet Olivia dismissed the appeal of Viola. She could not love him in this emotional condition. She pleaded to Viola to return to his master and asked him not to send anyone to her.

4) What did Viola say to Olivia about her parentage? What showed Olivia that Viola was a gentleman? Why did Olivia send a diamond ring to Cesario? [2+1+2 = 5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2022]

Ans. Viola told Olivia that she was born into a noble family. Her status was higher than her present fortune and she was a gentleman.

Viola’s graceful appearance, her faithfulness to her master, her manliest air, and her boldness and courteous behaviour impressed Olivia as a gentleman.

Olivia had fallen in love with young Cesario. When Viola departed, Olivia sent a servant after him with a diamond ring that Cesario had left as a present from Orsino. By giving a present to Cesario, She wanted to give him some intimation of her feelings.

5)Discuss the first meeting of Olivia and Cesario. [5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2019]

Ans. Orsino sent Cesario to propose his suit to Olivia. At first, Cesario was not allowed to meet Olivia. Finally, Olivia came to meet Cesario throwing the veil over her head. Viola in the guise of Cesario was very curious to see her rival’s beauty and asked to show her face. When Olivia was unveiled, she praised her beauty. Now she told the purpose of her arrival that Orsino Used to love her with adoration and with tears and with sighs of fire. Olivia accepted that Orsino had all the qualities of a suitor (like he was a learned, courteous, valiant and spotless youth). Yet she could not love him in this mental condition. She dismissed the appeal of Cesario and asked him to return. She also told Cesario to inform Orsino not to send anyone for this purpose. But Cesario could come if he wished to tell her the reaction of his master.

After Cesario’s departure, Olivia recalled their conversation and She wished Cesario to be the Duke. Actually, she had fallen in love with Cesario.

6)Who rescued Viola from the danger of fighting a duel? Why did he do so? [1+4 = 5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 =2020]

Ans. Antonio, the captain of a ship, rescued Viola from the danger of fighting a duel.

Antonio rescued Sebastian after a shipwreck and gradually became a friend of him. Sebastian wanted to visit the court of Orsino. When they landed in Illyria, Sebastian desired to see the town. So, Antonio had given him his purse to spend freely. When Sebastian did not return at the scheduled time, Antonio had ventured to look out for him and found Viola, the identical twin sister in the guise of a young man. Antonio mistakenly identified her to be Sebastian. When Antonio saw a gentleman advancing toward Sebastian with the open sword, he challenged and drew out his sword to save his friend.

7)How was the confusion of mistaken identity overcome in ‘Twelfth Night’. [5] [Annual Exam. Class 11 = 2016]

Ans. To save herself in a foreign land, Viola disguised herself as her identical twin brother Sebastian. And it leads a great confusion. Antonio mistook Viola his friend and tried to rescue him and got arrested. Viola denied any purse she had taken from the stranger Antonio. Olivia mistook Sebastian for a page of Orsino and married him. All the confusion of mistaken identity was overcome when Orsino with Viola came to visit Olivia. They came across captive Antonio who charged Viola with words of ingratitude. But the Duke did not believe all this stuff as Cesario had been serving him for months. When Viola came out and accepted Cesario as her husband, Orsino threatened his page with instant death for his ingratitude. When the real Cesario appeared and declared Olivia as his wife, everyone looked in amazement at the two identical twins. Viola disclosed her real identity. The brother and sister reunited. Orsino resolved to make Viola his wife. Thus the confusion was overcome.

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