‘Twelfth Night’ – Questions and Answers (S.A.Q.), Class 11, WBCHSE

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1)What is another title of the play, Twelfth Night?

Ans. ‘What You Will’.

2)Who are the identical twins in the play, Twelfth Night?

Ans. Sebastian and Viola.

3) Why did Viola and Sebastian get separated?

Ans. Because of a violent storm.

4)Where did the shipwreck occur?

Ans. At the coast of Illyria.

5)Who rescued Viola?

Ans. The captain of the ship and a few sailors.

6)Why did Viola mourn after being safely rescued?

Ans. Because of the death of her brother, Sebastian.

7)Who comforted Viola with the assurance that he had seen Sebastian during the tempest?

Ans. The captain of the ship.

 8)How did Sebastian manage to remain above the waves?

Ans. By fastening himself to a strong mast.

9)Who helped Viola to settle down in a foreign land?

Ans. The captain of the ship.

10)Who was Orsino?

Ans. The Duke of Illyria.

11)From whom had Viola heard the name of Orsino earlier?

Ans. From her father.

12)Who was Olivia?

Ans. A beautiful girl and the daughter of a count.

13)Who was seeking the love of the beautiful Olivia?

Ans. Orsino.

14)Why did Olivia abjure the sight and company of men?

Ans. Because of her dear brother’s death.

15)When did Olivia’s brother die?

Ans. A few months after the death of her father.

16)Who wished to serve Orsino as a page?

Ans. Viola.

17)What do you mean by a page?

Ans. A male servant.

18)Why did Viola give money to the Captain?

Ans. To buy her a dress like that of her brother.

19)How did Viola look when she was in man’s camouflage?

Ans. Exactly like her brother Sebastian.

20)What name did Viola take in the palace of Orsino?

Ans. Cesario.

21)Why did Duke Orsino tell everything about his love affair with Olivia to Viola?

Ans. Because of Viola’s service and sweet behaviour, she had won the confidence of the Duke.

22)Who passed his days listening to the effeminate sounds of soft music, passionate love songs and neglected the company of wise and learned lords?

Ans. Duke Orsino.

23)Who fell in love with Orsino?

Ans. Orsino.

24)Who was not allowed to meet the gracious lady Olivia before Viola’s arrival?

Ans. A gentleman.

25)What message did Olivia send to the Duke?

Ans. She would not allow anyone to see her face for seven years.

26)Who watered the rooms of her house with tears in remembrance of her dead brother?

Ans. Olivia.

27)Why did Orsino send Cesario to Olivia’s house?

Ans. To unfold Olivia the passion of Orsino’s love.

28)Why did Viola go to Olivia unwillingly?

Ans. Because she loved Orsino and wished to be his wife.

29) “And I am not that which I play.” What does the speaker mean?

Ans. The speaker Viola meant to say that she was a woman but feigned himself to be a man.

30)Why did Viola have the utmost curiosity on Olivia’s face?

Ans. To see the rival’s beauty.

31)What would Viola do if she were in the position of Orsino?

Ans. She would write complaining sonnets on Olivia and sing them in the dead of nights.

32)Who fell in love of Cesario?

Ans. Olivia.

33)What did Olivia send for Cesario as an intimation of her intention?

Ans. A diamond ring.

34)When did Orsino resend Viola to Olivia’s palace?

Ans. On the next day.

35)What did Orsino desire to pass away the tedious interval?

Ans. A song to be sung.

36)What was the song about?

Ans. The song described the pains of unrequited love.

37)What did Viola find when she revisited the house of Olivia?

Ans. She found no difficulty in having access to Olivia.

38)Who challenged Viola to fight a duel?

Ans. A gentleman.

39)Why did he challenged for the duel?

Ans. Because he was angry with Viola as his suit was rejected by Olivia.

40)Who challenged Viola’s rival?

Ans. Antonio.

41)Who demanded a purse from Viola?

Ans. Antonio, the captain of the ship.

42)Why did he demand the purse from Viola?

Ans. Because he mistook her for Sebastian.

43)Who rescued Sebastian after the shipwreck?

Ans. Antonio.

44)What was Antonio’s offence for which he was arrested?

Ans. He had once dangerously wounded the duke’s nephew.

45)Why did Antonio give the purse to Sebastian?

Ans. To see the town.

46)Who mistook Sebastian to be Cesario and invited him to come into the house?

Ans. Olivia.

47)Why did Olivia propose Sebastian marriage proposal immediately?

Ans. Because she found Sebastian in good humour.

48)How many months had Sebastian been with Antonio?

Ans. Three months.

49) “Another Cesario appeared.” – Who was the other Cesario?

Ans. Sebastian.

50) Who was the witness of Olivia and Sebastian’s marriage?

Ans. A priest.

51)Why did Orsino decide to marry  Viola?

Ans. Because Orsino remembered how often Viola in her disguise had said that she loved him.

52)Where was the marriage of Orsino and Viola solemnized?

Ans. In Olivia’s house.

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