Dialogue: Between a Shopkeeper of a Cycle -store and I

Suppose your bicycle has a sudden tyre puncture on your way to school. You have taken the cycle to a repair shop. Write an imaginary dialogue (within 100 words) between the shopkeeper and you.

Ans. I: Do you do me a favour to repair the tyre quickly?

Shopkeeper:  Of course. It is my job.

I: So nice of you, uncle. Please, hurry up.

Shopkeeper: Why are you in the mood for a hurry?

I: School prayer starts at 10.40 am and now I get into trouble.

Shopkeeper:  Ok. Let me check the tyre.

I: How much will it cost to repair?

Shopkeeper: Thirty rupees only.

I: Ok. I am waiting here. Be quick.

Shopkeeper: Don’t worry. I hope you will reach school in time.

I: Thank you.

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