Prose – M.C.Q. from the previous year H.S. Exams, class 12, WBCHSE

The Eyes Have It (M.C.Q.)

1)According to Ruskin bond, the best time for visiting hills is –

  1. September     b) October
  2. November     d) December        [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. [b] October.

2) The blind girl said that she would get off at –

a) Nainital         b) Musoorie   

c) Dehra         d) Saharanpur    [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. [d]Sahranpur.

3) The blind girl said that she loved the –

a) tree      b) animals

c) hills      d) forests    [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. [c] hills.

4) The narrator had the compartment to himself up to –

a) Saharanpur     b) Dehradun   

c) Rohana          d) Musoorie     [H.S. = 2018 & 2022]

Ans. [c] Rohana.

5) The girl in the train compartment thought the narrator to be –

a) gallant                        b) serious  

c) gallant and serious  d) pretentious [H.S. =2019 & 2022]

Ans. [c] gallant and serious.

6) What tantalized the narrator was the –

a) ringing laugh of the girl   b) sweet talk of the girl 

c) melodious voice of the girl  d) perfume of her hair [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. [d] perfume of her hair. 

Strong Roots (M.C.Q.)

7) One of the forebears of Kalam’s mother was awarded by the British the title of –

a) Bahadur       b) Raibahadur  

c) Padmashree     d) Bharat Ratna  [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. [b] Raibahadur

8) Kalam’s father would take him to the mosque for –

a) pre-dawn prayer   b) evening prayer  

c) mid-day prayer     d) afternoon prayer   [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. [b] evening prayer.  

9) Abdul Kalam’s ancestral house was built in –

a) mid 19th century      b) late 19th century  

c) early 20th century     d)early 19th century  [H.S. = 2017 & 2022]

Ans. [a] mid 19th century.

10) The coconut grove where Abdul Kalam’s father used to walk down every morning was about –

a) One and half miles   b) Three miles

c) Four miles                 d) Four and a half miles   [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. [c] Four miles.

11) Abdul Kalam’s father would convey complex spiritual concepts in simple down-to-earth –

a) Arabic        b) Urdu   

c) Tamil           d) Telegu [H.S. = 2019 & 2022]

Ans. [c] Tamil.

12) The words of Abdul Kalam’s father filled him with strange energy and –

a) relief                      b) enthusiasm   

c) perseverance      d) determination [H.S. =2020]

Ans. [b] enthusiasm.

   Thank You Ma’am (M.C.Q.)

13) The lady picked up the boy from the street by holding his –

a) trousers            b) shirt-front

c) wrist                  d) arm     [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. [b] shirt-front.

14) Mrs. Jones gave the boy –

a) five cents              b) five dollars   

c) ten cents              d) ten dollars  [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. [c] ten dollars

15) The boy wanted to buy –

a) blue suit shoes      b) black suede shoes  

c) blue suede shoes   d) black suit shoes     [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. [c] blue suede shoes.

16) Bending over the sink the boy Roger asked Mrs. Jones whether she was going to –

a) take him to jail   b) punish him

c) reward him         d) take care of him  [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. [a] take him to jail.

17) On entering the room Mrs. Jones asked to Roger –

a) eat dinner            b) comb his hair 

c) wash his face      d) take rest for a while  [H.S. = 2019]

Ans. [c] wash his face.

18) Mrs. Jones wanted to teach Roger –

a) right from wrong     b) what was right

c) what was wrong      d) what he should be [H.S. = 2020]

Ans. [a] right from wrong.

     Three Questions (M.C.Q.)

19) The Tsar asked the hermit –

a) one question         b) two questions

c) four questions       d) three questions [H.S. = 2015]

Ans. [d] three questions.

20) The bearded man was wounded by –

a) the Tsar’s son       b) the Tsar’s friend

c) the Tsar himself    d) the Tsar’s bodyguard [H.S. = 2016]

Ans. [d] the Tsar’s bodyguard.

21) The hermit was –

a) tall and weak          b) short and weak

c) frail and strong      d) frail and weak  [H.S. = 2017]

Ans. [d] frail and weak.

22) The hermit received none but –

a) Emperors                b) Knights

c) common folk          d) the Tsar  [H.S. = 2018]

Ans. [c] common folk.

23) The wounded man was actually –

a) enemy of the hermit    b) enemy of the Tsar

c) friend of the Tsar          c) disciple of the hermit [H.S. = 2019 & 2022]

Ans. [b] enemy of the Tsar.

24) The most necessary man is he –

a) will whom you work  b) will whom you are 

c) will whom you live     d) who helps you in trouble  [H.S. =2020]

Ans. [b] with whom you are.

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