Paragraph: Spent a Night in a Forest Guest House

Suppose you spent a moonlit night at a forest guest house. Write a paragraph of eighty words on your experience. Mention the sounds you heard there.

Ans. Spent a Night in a forest guest house

I spent a moonlit night in a forest guest house last summer with my parents in the Jungle of Sundarbans. The guest house was situated near River Matla. It was surrounded by dense forest. We took our dinner early at 8 o’clock and went upstairs to watch the loveliness of the moonlit forest. The rippling of water from the river Matla was coming gently. Father indicated some lights in the middle of the river. They suggested the lamps of the fishermen who were busy catching fish. I heard the whistling of cricket, the hooting of owls, the growling of tigers and many unknown cries of wild animals. It seemed a noisy surrounding amidst the quietness of the night. At 9:30 we descended from the terrace and went to bed.

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