The Covid-19 Pandemic has shut us in the house. But, how long we keep ourselves confined in the houses avoiding schools, colleges and offices. We cannot just enjoy leisure hours sitting idly. We have to fight against it. But how can we do that? We can do it by building a strong immunity system within our body.

Physical exercise and a proper diet can develop an immune system which would resist the Covid-19 and other diseases. Our life becomes a burden, monotonous, and tasteless in this situation. The children are addicted to mobile phones. They become obese. They are losing confidence. That is why we should take physical exercise as a part of our daily routine. It is not that we have to go to the gym or fitness centre. Only walking in the morning or evening is enough for the seniors. Playing any kinds of games, doing yogas or few stretching can act as well as relax our muscles and improve blood circulation. They provide a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment. On the other hand, a proper diet plays an important role to keep our immunity system strong as well. In this Covid-19 pandemic situation, we need to eat a variety of seasonal fruits which are profuse in vitamin c and minerals and protein like meat, fish and egg. Water plays a vital role to hydrate our body. So, we need to have it plenty.

So regular exercise and a proper diet can strengthen our immunity system and we would be able to defeat any diseases like Covid-19.

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