Writing isn’t an easy thing, it takes time, effort, and consistency to become a pro writer. From our academic period to our professional life, we need to write content frequently. Writing skills are required in making presentations for your project to document your thesis. You even need to write while submitting a leave application to your boss.

Writing skills are not a thing that you can buy or acquire from someone, in fact, it is the practice and consistency which makes you a quality writer.

In this post, we will be mentioning the 5 best ways to enhance your writing skills tremendously.

How to improve your writing skills?

Writing skills or any other skills can only be improved by practising more and more. Here are some proven strategies you can implement to refine your skills.

1.    First read then write

It is a simple yet effective formula to make your writing better. If you are going to write something doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with that topic or not, it is always fruitful to first read out some of the articles already available on the internet with good intent.

Reading out the existing content may spark new ideas and ways in your mind on that topic. You might have some wrong perceptions that would be cleared by reading other’s points of view. After reading, you will be even more clear about what you are going to write about.

You can also reword some pieces of content you like the most from others’ writings. A paraphrase tool can help you a lot in taking some patches from others’ content without increasing the plagiarism. It alters the words and sentences in a normal way that doesn’t disturb the intent of the content.

This way you can understand one point of view from multiple sentence structures.

2.    Minimize Plagiarism

Copying someone’s content without his permission or without acknowledging him is illegal and unethical too. A good writer always keeps his similarity index to the minimum. The similarity index can be measured for free with a plagiarism checker.

This tool is specifically built for checking the percentage of plagiarism and providing users with a complete plagiarism report.

Keeping plagiarism as low as possible will help you rank higher in SERP and will also cause an increase in your website’s reputation. The Google ranking algorithms are now smart enough to detect any kind of plagiarism within seconds. High plagiarism will ultimately decrease your website’s integrity and ranking.

3.    Emphasize content structure

Content structure is also a crucial part of writing. You should be well aware of the user’s intent in reading your content. You should structure your article in a way that doesn’t make the reader bore. Secondly, your content should not be overstretched which looks tiring, or not too short which doesn’t fulfil the cause.

You should discuss the main problem at the start of your article so that the user’s intent in reading can be fulfilled earlier. Later in the article, you can discuss more complications or POVs. Adding infographics and videos to your content can also increases user retention and interest.

4.    Proofread

Many writers skip proofreading, which is a wrong approach. As humans, we do mistakes and some mistakes can cause the intent and meaning of the content to change. These kinds of mistakes make your writing suspicious and confusing for readers.

Your writings can be rejected and can impact your reputation badly. So do consider proofreading as an essential part of writing. Reading out loud can help you find wrong phrases and patches where your writing doesn’t flow well.

5.    Get feedback

Never ignore feedback and always read the comments down below your post. Getting feedback from your fast friends, coworkers, family members, or instructors will also help you enhance your writing skills.

Do consider feedback as positive criticism and try to make your writing skills better day after day.

Few extra tips for content writing

  • Use strong verbs (for example, “cheerfully,” “merrily,” or “gleefully” instead of “happily”).
  • Use active voice.
  • Shorten sentence length.
  • Don’t make it too wordy.


The above-mentioned points will help you enhance your writing skills daily. Whether you’re writing essays at school or composing business emails, following these will support you everywhere. In the end, practising and following basic rules will cause improvement in your writing skills.

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