Processing: How a building is constructed  

Use the following flow chart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how a building is constructed:

[drawing of a plan of the building by the architect – getting plan sanctioned by the corporation or municipal authorities – engaging masons and labours – starting the construction with bricks, cement and sand – fitting doors and windows – plastering of walls – wiring – electric and water connections – painting – building completed – fit for living]

How a building is constructed

Constructing a building is great engineering work. To make it these steps are followed. At first, the drawing of a plan of the building is designed by an architect. Then the plan is to be sanctioned by the corporation or municipal authorities. Next, the masons and labours are engaged for this purpose. After that, the building materials such as bricks, cement and sand etc. are bought and the construction is started. Gradually, the doors and windows are fixed.  Thereafter, the walls are plastered. Then wiring has to be done by the electricians. Then one by one the electric and water connection are taken. The walls are painted according to the need. Now the building is totally completed and is fit for living.

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